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This Little Girls Dream Is Coming True & It’s Because of Social Media


With only five years old, Chloe Lennon has reached her dream. She has won a film role and fulfilled many fashion dreams. She is the face behind the viral video that spread on social media like no other. Jade, Chloe’s mom, posted the video on social media to inform people about Down Syndrome Awareness Day (DSAD) on March 21st.


The reference to wearing odd socks is #LotsOfSocks campaign sponsored by World Down Syndrome Day. The movement encourages people to wear socks of any kind, even up to three socks in references to the extra chromosome carriers of Down syndrome. 


Chloe’s video has nearly more than 10 million views and has nearly 500,000 shares from around the world.


An opportunity to perform in a Scottish short film opened to anyone who was interested. Like any other way to be casted on a film, Chloe audition for a role. Jade, Chloe's mom, filmed her reading a part of the script and sent the video to be cast. A few days later, Chloe got the part! Her chance was not taken on tokenism but on credit, Jade says.


Once again, Chloe has shown that despite her differences, nothing can interfere with one’s path to having their dreams come true. Opportunities have expanded for her than any other five-year-old wouldn't be able to imagine. Chloe Lennon has appeared in campaigns: Baby on Trend, Liberated Folk, and Mark and Spencer with over 17 thousand followers.


Be sure to keep up with Chloe as she continues to accomplish her dreams by following her on Instagram. We certainly have and we can’t wait to see of what’s to come from her!




She is currently in her twenties living in New York and in the middle of pursuing a business degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is fueled by coffee, chocolate, and pupusas (♥)! You’ll find her either at work, dreaming of Ed Westwick, blogging, or trying to cook some gluten-free cuisine. If you don’t see her doing any of that, you can find her dancing to ‘Despacito’ on replay. Follow her on Instagram @trendsbenefits, and visit her blog trendswithbenefits.net to learn more about her.
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