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5 Ways to Treat Yo’Self

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LIM chapter.

After studying to death for midterms or finally finishing that huge project you’ve been working on, you deserve a reward! Self-love is important for your mental health and helps you keep a positive attitude. It doesnt have to be huge or expensive, but rewarding yourself is a perfect way to congratulate yourself for all of your hard work. Here are my favorite ways to treat myself!


    Forget saving the best tip for last, this is my absolute favorite way to treat myself! After organizing, planning, and scheduling every moment of my time, doing literally nothing is so relaxing and takes no effort. Get into your comfiest clothes aka XXL t-shirts and underwear, pile on the blankets and binge watch Netflix until Thanksgiving or just lay in your bed and bask in your accomplishments, and never worry about getting up. Added tip: Turn on Do Not Disturb on your phone so all those annoying group chat notifications are silenced.


 If I ever got all the money back that I’ve spent on food I would probably drown in it. Postmates, my kryptonite, is a food-delivery app that restaurants from all over the area partner with so you can enjoy your favorite food in the comfort of your own home. To reward yourself, go all out and order your favorite foods from comfort food to steak to ice cream. Pay that ridiculous delivery fee and pat yourself on the back as you chow down!


With all of your busy days, the number of dogs you have pet is sure to have decreased. I know, DISASTER. Grab a dog-loving friend and go out on a weekend morning or afternoon to try and catch everyone who is walking their dog and politely ask to pet them all. The best part about this is that it’s totally free! You’re smiling and dogs are happy, what more could you ask more.


 With all the stress and worrying, your skin is sure to need some TLC, but the kind WITH scrubs. Pick up a face mask, a scented candle, and a glossy magazine and lounge like the icon you are. Draw a bubble bath if you’re that kind of gal or wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket. This is also a perfect time to go deep in a celebrity wormhole and finally answer those burning questions you’ve always had like “ I wonder where Emma Stone was born?” or more research intensive ones like “Who is that one girl from that one movie, I wonder what her skincare routine is.”


  Especially here in NYC, everyone has things that they are dying to do, see, or eat. After a hard week or big project, treat yourself by going to the restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or that store you’ve been meaning to explore. This option has a bonus because not only will you be done with your work, you’ll also feel the sweet satisfaction of crossing something off your bucket list. After my last group project, we all treated ourselves by going to Pietro Nolita, an all-pink cafe in Soho that we had been obsessing about.


We all deserve to treat ourselves after working hard and I hope you all enjoyed these ideas. Remember that even though work and school are important, your mental health is worth so much more. Now go treat yo’ self!

I am a third year student at LIM College studying Marketing with a concentration in cosmetics. I currently intern for ELLE Magazine and I love taking aesthetically pleasing pictures for my instagram! Follow me here: @niicoleheaney