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5 Athleisure Trends You Should Own This Season












White Sneakers

While you may be thinking “Hello? No kidding.” I challenge you to look at these trendy “basics” in a new light. Let’s talk about the versatility, people! The white sneaker is being utilized in various ways this season; think, ‘little black dress’. Many celebrities, including the Jenner sister’s, are showing off their ‘casual chic’ by pairing a simple white sneaker with a stylish mini skirt. It’s a wonder this trend didn’t catch on sooner in New York City with all of this walking. Can I get an Amen?













The Jogger

It should come as no shock to all of you busy bees that a packed schedule often makes for a tired student. While we would all love to look trendy in our old concert T-shirts and brother’s baggy sweatpants (is that just me?), we still want to look presentable on the fashionable streets of NYC. Ladies, meet the jogger. Pair these feminine sweatpants with a cropped hoodie, spray that dry shampoo in your hair, grab your favorite cup of coffee and tackle your day.




The ‘Dad Hat’

I know, I said it. The dad hat is in. Whether the hat contains a logo, a silly image, a quirky quote or just happens to be this season’s pantone; find your fit and buy twelve. Is it obvious yet that college is a toss up between finishing that research paper and washing your hair? Buy the hat.




Spring is quickly approaching (no matter what the groundhog said). Welcome to the awkward in-between weather where all of our outfit choices suffer. Enter, the windbreaker. Simply put, the windbreaker is rain resistant, lighter than your winter jacket and colorful enough for spring. Plus, Kanye made one. If that didn’t make it automatically trendy, I’m just not sure you’re viewing the same social media posts the rest of us millennials are losing sleep over.














While the sports bra may be more practical for actual athletic events, the lacy, low cut bralette can take your everyday look to the next level. Stylists everywhere aren’t discriminating; which is amazing for those of us who just can’t decide what kind of lady we are. Put this cute little piece under a bomber jacket or with your new joggers and give your girls the day off. Did I save the best for last, or did I save the best for last?





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