Meet Fashion Designer Yiming Lin '17

Yiming Lin moved to New York in 2008 and recieved her undergraduate degree in finance and accounting. She then continued onto Parsons School of Design for her second degree, majoring in Fashion Marketing. After launched her own handbag label IRIDESCENCE in 2016, Yiming wanted to learn more about the business side of fashion; therefore, she decided to go to LIM College for her graduate degree. Her major is Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management.

MS: When did you start designing?

YL: I've designed different things since I was a kid, but I started to focus on fashion design when I was at Parsons. I took design classes and spent a lot of time in the studio to design and sew. After graduating from Parsons, I decided to launch my own handbag label and focus on design.

MS: Can you describe your creative process?

YL: My creative process is very normal. I see something interesting things around my life, and I start from a small idea to sketches and products.


MS: Which skill do you use daily?

YL: I use Photoshop on daily basis.

MS: What was your favorite project at Parsons?

YL:  I would say I liked design classes a lot, but my favorite project is Kaledo. Kaledo is new digital software.  You can use it to design your own textiles and different patterns.


MS: How do you balance time between grad school and work?

YL: I work during the daytime and go school at night. But I still have time to meet friends and enjoy my life during the weekend. Work hard, play hard.

MS: You recently had your fashion show! Can you tell more about it? What kind of an experience was it?

YL: On 04/11, my fashion show was held in Shanghai Fashion Week. I collaborated with my good friend, Selene Guo, and our show was very successful. I also collaborated with a London based designer, Parel Berky during New York Fashion Week in February. It was a very good experience.


MS: Who is your favorite designer?

YL: I like Alexander McQueen, I think he is a super talented designer.


MS: How do you stay on top of current design trends?

For the design trends, I actually read a lot of magazines and I read WGSN everyday. It gives me the updated fashion news and report.