The Top 5 Most Creative Halloween Costumes of 2018... So Far

While Halloween is not until Wednesday, Lehigh University has already been celebrating. There are many more nights of Halloween to come, but everyone has already been pulling out all the stops, displaying some extremely creative costumes. While you will still see an occasional black cat or vampire, Lehigh University students have really made an effort this year, turning out some very innovative costumes.

5. Dayquil and NyQuil

Dayquil and NyQuil are essentials for all college students. This costume will certainly get you laughs. Don’t be surprised though when Halloweek (Halloweeks, in Lehigh’s case) is over and you need to head to CVS to pick up this medication for yourself.

4. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrutte

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. While identity fraud is not a joke, this year for Halloween it was. Dressing up as this pair is rarely done and highly applauded. This BFF duo is infinitely more creative versus the other classics, such as a bride and groom or an angel and a devil. Everyone can have an appreciation for these iconic characters, and the real Office fans will wish they had thought of the idea first.

3. Amazon Alexa

If your name is Alexa, you should 100% dress up next year as an Amazon Alexa. All you need is an Amazon t-shirt and yourself. Don’t be annoyed all night if everyone comes up to you requesting their favorite song.  

2. The Lehigh Installments

Dressing up as everyone's favorite bathroom reading material is extremely creative. You will certainly educate everyone at the party with the vital information the installments provide. Best part about this costume is that it’s free and relevant to Lehigh students.

1. Hand, foot and mouth disease

The winner of 2018 Halloween so far goes to the girl who dressed up as hand, foot and mouth disease. The nasty plague was not funny a few months ago, but looking back now, it receives quite the laugh. While we can only hope that the plague will not return, this costume gets major props for thinking outside of the box.


While we’ve all had nights when we can’t think of anything creative to wear, so we throw on a school girl skirt or a pair of bunny ears, being creative for Halloween in 2018 is very possible. While it may take more effort to come up with an idea, receiving laughs from your friends makes it worth it in the end. While Halloween 2018 is only halfway through, the costumes have been off the charts in creativity. Bring on Halloweek round 2, and all the creative costumes to finish off the Halloween season.