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Things I Learned By Moving From the West Coast to the East Coast

I have lived in Los Angeles for practically my entire life. I always knew that when it came time for me to start applying to colleges, I would not be allowed to look at schools on the West Coast. My parents are both from the East Coast; my mom is from New York and my dad is from Boston. They made it very clear to my brother and me that we were to get out of the “Los Angeles bubble” and see what life is like on the East Coast. My brother went to Syracuse University and now lives in Baltimore, MD. I, on the other hand, started Lehigh University only a few short weeks ago.
Coming to the East Coast was more of a culture shock than I thought it would be. While living on the East Coast, I have learned many things that West Coasters should not do while on this side of the country.

• Don’t ask every single person you meet from New Jersey if they know your one friend in New Jersey, because, chances are, they don’t.

• Layering up when it rains is not a good idea. Even though it is pouring outside, a sweater and a sweatshirt are not necessary. If you do wear this, you will end up drenched, and not by the rain.

• Never wear Uggs when it only 500 outside; people will stare.

• Lacrosse jerseys are called “Pinnies.”


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