The “Lehigh Look Away” is about to be taken to an entirely new level—and it’s all thanks to Tinder.  Typically the “look away” is devoted to people we have met before but may not know well enough to say hello to.  The typical Lehigh student approach to this awkward situation is to simply be unfriendly, and look away.


But now, as we catch ourselves avoiding eye contact with peers on campus, we have something to blame—Tinder!  Yes, students have most likely “swiped right” and made a match with whoever they now leisurely walk by and attempt to avoid on campus, because Lehigh has made it to the Semi-Finals of the Tinder #SwipeOff competition!  The awkward avoidance will be worth it because the prize for the winning school is a free Cardi B concert!



Tinder, the ever popular promoter of today’s “hook up culture,” has created its own version of a March Madness bracket.  In the nationwide college competition, universities who use Tinder the most will be entered into a single elimination competition.  The University with the most right swipes by April 18th, will win a free concert by Cardi B.







The elimination rounds are as follows:


March 30—top 64 schools announced

April 2—-Second Round narrowed down to 32 schools

April 5—Semi-Finals, only 16 schools left (WE MADE IT, keep swiping right)

April 9—Final of 8 Schools

April 13—Championship, two schools face off

April 18—Winner Announced

April 25—Cardi B Concert!


I have personally invested too much time into the competition, so keep swiping right to reach the finals!