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Sto Mahoney

Year of grad: 2015
Major: industrial engineering/integrated business and engineering
Greek life: phi gamma delta
Interests/hobbies: anything to do with sports. Articles, competitions, tv programs, you name it. I’m not a jock, I promise.
What do I look for in a girl: an open mind and just the right amount of spontaneity. Looks that stand out in the crowd never hurt either.
Turnoff: girls who bask in drama and stress
Celebrity crush: Blake lively. Ryan Reynolds is a fortunate man
What is something people don’t know about me: I’m a history junkie. You name an event in us history and I’ll give you the date within a 2 year cushion
Tv obsession: the playoffs of any sport
Ideal first date: As long as there’s dessert, i could care less
Favorite food: beef stroganoff
Relationship Status: Taken
One item I can’t live without: cell phone. Dumb, I know, but everyone else who disagrees is in denial.
Looking forward to at lehigh: the stories I’ll have to tell from fraternity life 

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