MGC Sorority Spotlight: Lambda Theta Alpha

How would you describe the typical Lambda Theta Alpha woman?

The typical Lambda Lady is invested in her community and social and political activism. We are all passionate about improving the world around us and raising awareness about issues that are often ignored. The ladies of LTA are also fun, intelligent and poised!

What is your best memory as a house?

As a chapter, our best memory was the sleepover we had last year, where we watched movies all night and had way too much ice cream!

How big are your PC’s usually?

Usually about 4 to 5 members.

What is your overall house GPA?

Our overall chapter GPA is a 3.3

What are your favorite LTA traditions?

Our favorite LTA tradition is definitely preparing for the MGC Yard Show every semester. We love creating new strolls every semester and getting together to practice them.

How is your chapter different from the other MGC sororities on campus?

We were the first sorority created to cater towards the needs of Latina women. That being said, we are “Latin by tradition, not by definition.” Our sorority is made up of women from all different races and ethnicities. We pride ourselves in being a diverse group of women built on the foundation of empowering the Universal Woman.

How is your chapter different from the Panhellenic sororities on campus?

Our chapter is smaller than most Panhellenic sororities. But we pride ourselves on our bond, and our small size only serves to strengthen that bond.  

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money & awareness for your philanthropy?

Our national philanthropy is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and our chapter philanthropy is sexual violence awareness. We recently had our first “Mr. Burgundy and Grey” male pageant show to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We raised $520! For our chapter philanthropy, we hold “Walk a Mile In Her Shoes” every other year. This initiative is a men’s march to end violence against women. Men literally walk in red high heels across campus to protest sexual violence. We also host the Bandana Project every other year. This initiative is aimed at raising awareness about sexual assault against migrant farmworker women. They wear bandanas over their faces to protect themselves from sexual violence. We sell bandanas for $1 each and have students write an inspirational message against sexual violence on their bandanas. We all then wear our bandanas on our backpacks or wrists in solidarity during a specified day. We donate all the proceeds from the event to Turning Point, the local domestic violence shelter.

Some people are worried about the financial commitment that is associated with Greek Life. How have sisters in your sorority dealt with this issue?

We try to help each other out as much as possible when it comes to dues. Sometimes sisters will pay another sister’s dues and then get the money back later when the sister has the funds. Because we don’t have a house, our dues tend to be significantly lower. We do not have chapter dues- our only dues are national dues. Some sisters also utilize the student opportunity fund to help pay their dues.