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Lehigh Life as told by Disney

Sitting in class with your professor who doesn’t speak English at all.


When you say something bad about a girl’s sorority house.


When you’re trying to convince your friends that the guy you met at the party last night is perfect for you.

Trying to get home after class.

When you finally get your bid.


When you go to the gym and try to impress the cute guy next to you.

When you get a free cup of coffee at Lucy’s.



How you feel about your team members in your group project.


When you help your friend get away from a guy at a party.


And you really just wish guys would understand this…


When you find out your 4 o’clock is actually this week, not next week.


When someone asks you what the students at Lafayette are like.


When the TRACS driver won’t let you on.


Trying to convince your friend to go out with you.


The Lehigh lifestyle.


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