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Lehigh Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Everyone has his or her own bucket list. If yours anything like mine, it just lists a lot of places I’d like to travel to before I die. But some of these things are sadly unrealistic, like taking a helicopter ride to the North Pole or living in the Amazon jungle. However, your sense of adventure doesn’t need to stop because you are trapped in Bethlehem, PA for the rest of your college career. There are so many things that you can still do to fulfill your taste for adventure, right here on our own campus. I’ve comprised my own Lehigh Bucket List of things that might seem like a challenge, but are definitely worth the story.

  1. Play in one of the fountains around campus. The ladies of AOII show us that, even if you get a lot of weird looks for doing this, it’ll still be a memory to share with your closest friends! P.S. There’s one outside of Packard, Wilbur, and Chandler-Ullman!
  2. Get invited to dine in the Faculty Dining Room by a professor. In the 3rd floor of the UC, there’s a whole different world than Upper Cort. With glassware, real silverware, and cloth napkins, the Faculty Dining Room is like a real restaurant. Become close enough with one of your teachers and you might just get the chance to eat lunch with them in this hidden gem.
  3. Actually make it to a Lehigh-Laf game. With MoCos at 9 AM, making it to a football game has never seemed so difficult. But, the experience of sitting with about 4,000 of your peers (facing 4,000 of your worst enemies) is worth the struggle and the bus ride.
  4. Get a composite from every frat on the hill. This is a personal favorite of mine. Some of the composites feature the worst pictures of your guy friends, your crushes, or that kid in your Econ class you absolutely cannot stand. And how convenient is it to just look on your dorm room wall to reference that rando guy your roommate’s been gushing about lately?
  5. Go to a toga party. You go to a school that was ranked among the top 10 party schools in the nation. Why wouldn’t you reenact the movie Animal House and make your parents reminisce their college days through your Facebook pictures of the night?
  6. Be in Clutch Hawk’s profile picture on Facebook. I got this idea from my roommate. On her first day at MoCos, she took a picture with Clutch, added it to Facebook, and tagged him in it. She was able to make the cut. Will you?
  7. Actually talk to a TRACS driver. These are the guys who cart us around when we’re screaming about how much we want to munch down on some Hawk’s Nest mozz sticks at 2 AM. Next time you take TRACS, try and actually engage him in a conversation. Maybe ask him for a funny story, or ask how the night is going. You’ll get some pretty funny responses!
  8. Find out who Asa Packer’s Ghost or Lehigh Problems is in real life. Even if you hate Twitter, we all know we love to look up @LehighProblems or @AsaPackersGhost. Don’t you just want to be friends with them in real life?

    Now go out and start adventuring! 

Hi! I'm Laura. I'm currently a sophomore at Lehigh University and I have been writing for HerCampus for the past two years. I'm an English and History double major, and I'm currently getting my Masters of Education degree at Lehigh. I'm obsessed with anything Audrey Hepburn and one day I will marry Jimmy Fallon, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jason Gordon Levitt. I also am obsessed with pugs and bulldog puppies.