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Kayla Loree: Reefer Madness Assistant Stage Manager

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Name: Kayla E. Loree

Major: Psychology

Minor: Health Medicine and Society; Theatre

Year: Senior

Hometown: Mendham, NJ

Position for Mustard and Cheese/Reefer Madness: I’m not actually a member of M&C. I am Assistant Stage Manager for Reefer Madness I’ve always been interested in event planning and approached Emma Gifford, the president of M&C and director of Reefer Madness, last year when we were in a group project together for our Psyc majors, and asked her if there was any similar position I could get involved in within the Theatre Depatrment.  She suggested I look into Stage Management.  I registered for the Stage Management course with Elizabeth Miller and absolutely loved it.  After serving as an Assistant Stage Manager on The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds in the fall, which was also directed by Emma, I realized I could potentially see myself pursuing Stage Management as a career, and was eager to get involved in another show.  Elizabeth had mentioned, early in the semester, that M&C was aiming to perform Reefer Madness and I was thrilled to get involved with the project.  Although I have only come into the theatre world this semester, I have fallen totally in love with it and will be serving as the head Stage Manager for our production of Marcus Gardley’s Every Tongue Confess, directed by Darius Omar Williams, this winter.  Working on Reefer Madness has given me more experience Assistant Stage Managing and working with the awesome Stage Manager for Reefer Madness, Lindy Fruithandler, has helped me prepare to Stage Manage next semester. 

Best memory from rehearsal for Reefer Madness:  It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment!  I’ve really enjoyed the whole rehearsal process.  Something that’s been really fun is getting to spend quality time with the other girls from my sorority, Theta, who are involved in the production.  The actor who plays Mae ended up becoming my little-little so it’s been really special getting to bond with her.  Additionally, it’s been really awesome to get to know everyone working on the production.  Everyone has been really encouraging and welcoming of me, even though I only jumped into theatre this semester.  I feel like everyone working on the production together has gotten really close and is proud of what we’ve been doing.  

The tickets are available here: http://ev6.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventList?groupCode=Z-E&linkID=global-lehigh&shopperContext&caller&appCode.