Jon Ross '17


Name: Jon Ross

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Reading, MA

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: Taken, sorry ladies

Greek Life: Kappa Alpha

Hobbies: Reading and watching TV/movies

What do you look for in a girl: She needs a good sense of humor, to be easy to talk to for a long time, and opposable thumbs

Biggest Turn-On: Having a great smile

Biggest Turn-Off: Not knowing the difference between Dogs and DaWgs

Guilty Pleasure: Fried food

Who would play you in a movie based on your life?: Zac Efron

Spirit Animal: Either a wolf or a firedog

Favorite Pick-up line: "What’s 6+8?" Followed by "Hi I'm Jon, nice to meet you" when they answer

What’s your ideal first date?: Dinner on the beach at sunset in late spring or early fall when the temperature is just right