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Get to Know this Year’s Fall and Winter Colors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Following the London Fashion Week, the trends for the fall and winter season(s) have been set along with the top five colors. Don’t think you’re only limited to clothes when it comes to this year’s colors!



The ever classic black will forever be in, but don’t think the only way to rock it is an all black ensemble. Try a black liquid lipstick, Kendall did. Just saying.


Dusty Pink

Is the black lip too bold? Don’t worry, dusty pink is the the perfect subtle color for not only your lips but your nails too! The dusty color adds a little edge to the traditional pink. For an every day look, this trend is perfect!



EMERALD GREEN! Yes, the gem tones are making a comeback. Don’t limit this to glittery accessories, you can bring it full circle by rocking an emerald smokey eye; don’t be scared, just try it out. It looks great on brown eyes!



Not just any purple but aubergine, or eggplant! This is gorgeous on any skin tone. Now you might not want to overdose your closet with eggplant, but a scarf couldn’t hurt. Keep in mind you can’t always rock a lip like Kendall, though if you are feeling daring, Kylie has shown us you can take it one step further and kill it as a hairstyle.




The always classic, ever popular red, with a twist – this year it’s a bright red! So switch up your classic lip, Colour Pop has the perfect shade for this fall. ROCK the Red, and some bold statement jewelry to your next outfit!


Get trendy, before you know it a new set of colors for spring 2017 will be out for you to try!

Jazmine is a senior at Lehigh University majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Science. She can usually be found balancing her time between binge-watching Netflix, figuring out which new plant/succulent to buy, reading any article related to the New England Patriots, or eating avocados & cheese (not always together). She's basically just a Boston girl who sometimes like plants, food, and football more than people. Follow her on Instagram (@pizazof_jaz) or Twitter (@jaazmaniandevil).