DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day, the day of love and for those who are single, like myself, a day that makes the situation even more obvious than usual. So whether you have a Valentine or not when February 14th rolls around, here are some DIY decorations to express your love and get into the holiday spirit:


Hearts! The epitome of love. Grab some red and pink construction paper and get your creative juices flowing.

Heart Garland

  • You know the drill: fold a piece of construction paper in half, and draw one side of a heart
  • Cut the hearts out in various colors
  • Hole punch two holes in the corners of the hearts
  • Use string, ribbon, twine, etc. to connect the hearts
  • Hang anywhere!


Heart Chain

  • Cut 4 pieces of construction paper, all the same length
  • Staple them together
  • Fold the 2 end sides down into a heart shape
  • Add two more strips to either side of the heart
  • Staple and repeat for however many hearts your heart desires



XOXO, you know you love hugs and kisses.

  • Using red, pink, white, and gray construction paper fold pieces in half
  • Outline X’s and O’s
  • Either double the pieces, so that you can hold the letters in half or staple single letters
  • Make them into garland to hang over a window or down a banister



Pom Pom garlands. Remember how fun it was in elementary art class when these babies came out?

  • Grab yourself some red and pink pom poms of various sizes
  • Hot glue or staple the poms to string, ribbon, twine, etc
  • Space the pom poms out every 4-6 inches
  • Hang down your windows or doors


Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!