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Campus Celebrity: Laura Belair

Laura Belair is a senior at Lehigh, and the president of Lehigh’s Panhellenic Council. Laura is a member of the Panhel Executive Board that is made up of senior members from Lehigh’s sorority population. The executive board works together to make sure all sororities stay strong on campus, while also planning other campus wide events such as Pink Week and Greek Week. The executive board is also in charge of running all Panhellenic meetings and formal sorority recruitment. The Panhellenic Council represents all sorority women on campus. The council is divided into two groups, eight executive officers and representatives from each chapter. The executive board is the governing body that oversees all inter-sorority affairs. Panhel is the main forum for women’s issues and is responsible for assessing the needs of the sorority community. The members coordinate sorority recruitment, inter-sorority relations, social events, community relations, Junior Panhel, and various other programs on campus. The Panhellenic Council works closely with the Infraternity Council, which represents the fraternities, to improve overall Greek life at Lehigh University.

Year of Graduation: 2013
Major: Global Studies/ English
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Interests/hobbies: Reading, running
Campus activities: Panhel President, ASA, Peer Values Educator, Greek Allies
Favorite place to eat near Lehigh: Horns
Least favorite class: Planet Earth
Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite book: This summer- Gold by Christopher Cleave
Favorite TV show: Suits
Linderman or FairMart: Fairmart

What is your position at Panhel?
I am the Panhellenic President.

Why did you choose to become involved with Panhel?
I decided to become involved with Panhel after having an extremely rewarding experience as a chapter President. I learned and grew as a person in so many ways and knew that I would further benefit from being a part of Panhel.

What is the most challenging part about being on Panhel?
The hardest part about being on Panhel is getting myself to all of the meetings that I am supposed to attend!

Did you study abroad?
Yes I did! I went to Cape Town, South Africa.

What was your favorite part about your experience abroad?
My favorite part of my experience was the opportunity to completely immerse myself in a foreign culture.

What are your memories of rushing freshman year?
I can barely remember recruitment freshman year because I was so nervous the whole time!

Do you have any advice for underclassmen?
Try your hardest to relax and just fully be yourself. There is nothing better than talking to a girl who is not afraid to have a real conversation.

What are you going to miss most about Lehigh?
All of the amazing people.

What are your plans after graduation?
I’ll get back to you on that one:) 

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