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The Best Scary Movies to Watch On Netflix This Halloween Season

It Follows



    I was skeptical of this one when I watched the trailer, thinking it was one of those older, low-quality, not-so-scary scary movies. But when I finally put aside my judgments and watched it, I realized that they make up for their lack of newer special effects with perfectly timed suspense and jumps. It’s definitely not a traditional modern day horror movie but it will keep you on the edge of your seat just the same.


The Witch



    Super, disturbingly weird is how I would choose to describe this movie. It keeps you guessing what is happening from start to finish and you will leave the movie wondering what the hell actually happened. Set in early colonial times, it follows a deeply religious family trying to start a new life together. As the title suggests, there are dark forces that prevent the family from living out their dreams and by the end you feel sorry they even left.


The Boy



    What would you do if you got hired to take care of a doll that everyone treats like a real boy? This movie takes a chucky-esque approach and makes all of my childhood fears of my dolls coming to life, a little more real. The movie has crazy twists and turns and if you don’t leave completely terrified, you’ll at least be appreciative of the creativity of the plot.


The Conjuring



    This movie is made by James Wan, the same director that brought you Annabelle, Saw, Insidious, Lights Out, The Nun, and many more praised horror films. This is movie has become a classic in terms of modern-day horror movies and it’s easy to see why. It is terrifying from start to finish but doesn’t give up any plot in the process.





    If you weren’t scared of mirrors before, you definitely will be after this movie. It is one of my favorite horror flicks and it does a great job visually combining a family’s horrible past with their present. You never really know if what is happening is real, but either way you’re heart will be beating watching it all unravel.


As Above So Below



    This one has some pretty awful reviews, scoring a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. But I am going to go against the grain and say it’s worth a watch. Although you won’t find the greatest quality acting, it has a creative plot and has jump scares that had me trying not to shut my eyes. Set in France, it makes me a little skeptical to go abroad because you never really know what kind of history you will find.


The Babadook



    If we’re going to talk about ratings then you should know that this one has near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is about a single mother who is exhausted trying to raise her son who is terrified of this monster he calls The Babadook. Although it is extremely successful in terrifying you, it also tells an important story about mental health and motherhood.





    I love this movie because it takes the overdone home-invasion, slasher film and makes it into something new. The main character in the movie is deaf which I promise you adds a new layer of horror you didn’t realize you needed. She puts up a hell of a fight and you’ll have to watch to see what ends happening.


Before I Wake



    In this movie, a boy is able to make his dreams become reality when he is asleep. This is both a dream and a nightmare for his new parents who are amazed at the beauty of some of his creations, while terrified at the horrors of his nightmares.The boy does his best to stay awake to prevent doing anyone any harm, but at some point he has to sleep.


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