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Back to School: What You Really Need

Back to School: What You Really Need

Whether you are headed to college for the first time or headed back the university you know and love, there are always lists of back to school essentials that you simply cannot forget. From making sure you have the most comfortable mattress pad to purchasing an obnoxious amount of power strips, coming back to college can be a stressful process. Throughout the chaos of move-in, some girls forget what you truly need to survive at college. But don’t worry; we are here to remind you.

As we ring in the new of year at Lehigh we also celebrate the arrival of a fresh crop of girls. This can be a bit of a confidence blow to the upperclassmen that now have to compete with pre-freshman fifteen girls that all the fraternity gentlemen just can’t wait to meet at this years registered parties. Let me reassure you, upperclassmen, the freshmen are much less confident than you are right now.
Coming to a new school, living on a floor with twenty other pretty girls and having to worry about judgmental looks from older girls at parties isn’t exactly a boost to the ego as an incoming freshman. As the semester continues, the uncomfortable feelings will fade. Just remember, boys are more impressed by a girl with confidence than a girl who has a slutty reputation. Also, as intimidating as older girls may be, they want to get to know you. So forget those feelings of insecurity and celebrate being at a new school: get involved in clubs, make an effort to meet new people, be a friendly face on campus and keep your head high. Freshman year gets better week after week.

As painful as it is to say, sometimes our parents really do know what’s best. It is difficult to count how many times we have all heard, “Remember, you are at school FOR SCHOOL.” Well, I hate to say it, but they’re right. But, what parents don’t understand is it is tough to balance homework with club sports, academic clubs, sorority life, and the social calendar. College is not just about the academics. We are here to experience new things and be apart of this unique environment for only four special years, but we do have to remember the most important part of attending a university is obtaining a university education. With the commotion of getting back to school, sometimes schoolwork can take a back burner to what seems more important. But, as a pre-warning, there is nothing more stressful than falling behind in school. Bad grades only lead to one thing—a not so delightful talk with the parents. So, do yourself a favor and stay on top of your work. Set aside two to three hours a day to do homework and study. The library is your friend! There really isn’t a feeling more rewarding than feeling on top of our schoolwork and having the grades to prove it.

The first few weeks back at college can be overwhelming in the best way. You are constantly meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and, let’s be honest, partying like there’s no tomorrow. With this comes shared cups, late night junk food, headaches and, almost always, a cold. Remember ladies, when you live in a dorm or a sorority house, when one girl gets sick…EVERYONE gets sick. So take some time out of your daily routine to drink some water, take your vitamins and make a conscious effort to keep your drinks to yourself. Eat healthy during the day, sweat out those nasty headaches at the gym, and keep yourself hydrated. No one likes being sick at college, so make an effort to combat those communal germs.

So, with all this in mind, start of college on the right foot, and don’t forget the true necessities that make coming back to college the best experience possible!

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