Are You Summer Ready?

Sure there's still another round of four o’clocks, picking next fall's classes, getting ready for finals, and other semi important things that we need to get through before we're blessed with the warmth, the sun, and the freedom of summer, but it doesn't hurt to be ready!


Bathing suit shopping

This activity isn't always fun but this season has some hot new trends, even the one piece is making a comeback!



Whether you want to visit your roommate or go to Portugal, start planning your vacay now! It’s almost always cheaper to plan in advance, check out Airbnb or Vacation Rental By Owner for cheaper more homey options for your getaway!



The summer is the ultimate time to boost your insta! There's always good lighting and clothes are just cuter in the summer, so take the time you have to have a photoshoot like everyday! Practice some self love and also some fun with friends!


Girls Night Out!

It's probably been awhile since you've seen some of your fav girls from home, so have your very own GNO! There's nothing better than getting dressed up with all your friends and taking over the town to have a good night!


Or Nothing

If your summer looks better doing a whole lot of nothing then just do that! Do that the best way you can! Start a new series on Netflix, order from all your local delivery resturants, or get some sweet sweet sleep! You did just spend a whole semester working your butt off!