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7 Ways to Spend Your 4 O’Clock Study Breaks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Library hours are extended, textbooks being cracked open for the first time in months… you guessed it, 4 O’Clocks are right around the corner again! If you had the willpower to fight procrastination mode, you can reward yourself with some time for study breaks.  A study from MIT (It’s not Lehigh, but I guess we’ll give them some merit) suggested the most efficient patterns for studying was 50 minutes of fully focused studying followed by a 5-10 minute break.  Of course we could just scan our FB, Instagram, or Twitter feeds, but we can do better than that for ourselves, HerCampusers! Here of some of my ideas for productive, but fun study breaks!

1. Clean Your Space

With the busy schedule and cramped quarters we all endure as college students, a little tidying up never hurts.  I love this study break tip because it makes you feel productive in a different way than studying, and provides immediate results! Hang up all of those going out tops you tried on last night, take a disinfectant wipe to your dorm surfaces, make your bed, and voila! Your room is immaculate in no time! Especially if you are a dorm room studier, having a tidy room will help you focus on your studying and get less distracted.  

2. Skype/Phone Date!

I know when I’m stressed out, a quick call or Skype with my family or best friend always does the trick! Especially at college, where we don’t see our loved ones as much as we used to, checking in on what they’re up to never hurts! Quick tip: try to avoid talking about your exams or academics in general.  This is your break; take full advantage to give your mind a hiatus from academic mode!

3. Plan Your Schedule

I don’t know about you, but for me, the only other thing I have with me 24/7 besides my iPhone is my Lilly Pulitzer planner. Seriously, I have my entire life written down in that thing.  Take your break to flip forward to the next week, see what fun happenings you have scheduled like a Sisters Only event or a philanthropy fundraiser, or keep track of all those club meetings you have going on.  Getting a leg up on your plans for the next couple of days will make you feel more in control of your work.  It may be 4 O’Clocks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun! 

4. Take A Walk!

The combination of fresh air and getting your blood pumping is a sure study stress killer! Let’s be honest, most of us dress like we are going to the gym when we are actually planning on spending our day locked in Lindy, so why not take advantage! Take a ten minute walk or jog around campus and get some stretching in on the UC Lawn.  With this invigorating break, you’ll be ready to tackle the next chunk of your studying!

5. Grab a Snack 

There’s a reason we have 6+ dining options on campus, ladies.  Walk down to Lucy’s Cafe or over to Upper Court to pick up some healthy munchies to fuel your anticipated hours left of studying.  The Simply-To-Go section of Upper is perfect for grab and go healthy snacks like fresh fruit cups, crisp veggies and dip, and yummy yogurt parfaits! 

Read Her Campus Lehigh’s ideas for 5 Healthy Study Snacks.

6. Online Shopping

Honestly, who would ever object to shopping, right? Especially for my Panhellenic sisters, there is always a Date Party, Crush Party, or Formal right around the corner, so why not start the search for the perfect dress! It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to scan through the new arrivals on Tobi and add some of your faves to your shopping cart. Treat yourself at the end of your 4 O’Clocks week with a new going out outfit!

7. Plan your outfits for the days ahead

When I’m studying for exams in my dorm, I love using this as a study break! A few wise words from my mom at a young age were, “It is just as easy to throw on a dress and some cute accessories, as it is to put on sweatpants and a tee shirt if you plan ahead!” As usual, mother really does know best.  Having a put-together outfit on is a total confidence booster, and can help you tackle that jam-packed week of exams and studying! Take ten minutes to turn on some upbeat music, and put some cute outfit combinations together that you have never tried before.  You’ll have a few looks in your arsenal for a day when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning! 

I hope these ideas keep you focused and productive during the long haul before your 4 O’Clocks! And remember, when all else fails, listen to Gosling. 

If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. Happy studying! 


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