7 Times Your Roommate Understands You Better than You Understand Yourself


1. When you’ve been feeling down and open your phone to a whole stream of cat memes and baby videos in your Insta DMs.


2. When you’ve mentioned the cute boy that sits across from you in English Lit more than once, but she already knows you’re all talk, no action.


3. When she’s your cheerleader even after you failed an exam, screamed at her for no reason, ate two entire bags of popcorn, and lay in bed all day.


4. When you come into your room, throw your things down, take a deep breath, and turn around to see her ready for you to start the rant you’ve been waiting all day to unload on her.


5. When you’re really having trouble getting out what you want to say and your entire conversation is a whole lotta “you know what I mean???” and she actually does.


6. When she’s not afraid to call you out on your bullshit ideas.


7. When you’re down on yourself and she challenges you to realize your full self-worth.


Because at the end of the day, you are both just extensions of each other tryna get through another year of school (and life)...which is hard af.