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5 Resolutions that Everyone Should Have

Each new year is a fresh start. No doubt we have all made (and probably broke) our new years resolutions. Because can we seriously go to the gym every day with a new semester, new classes, and the busyness that comes with being a collegiette? But don’t fear Her Campus Lehigh readers, here are five easy new years resolutions that everyone should have. Enjoy and hopefully try to keep a few.

1. Take time to do something nice for yourself. Instead of stressing about stupid drama with your first semester crush, take time to be kind to yourself. The best form of validation comes from within. “You do you girl” as my sorority sister always tells me. Take time to read a book or start watching a new television show. Being kind to yourself is the best way to feel happy because you’re awesome and deserve it! Take the night off and go to sleep early, anything to make yourself feel like the great person that you are. 

2. Accomplish at least one thing per day. Accomplishment is the greatest form of satisfaction. Even if it’s a little thing like doing your laundry, or making a delicious sandwich; accomplishing anything will make you feel as though you are getting stuff done and have control. Accomplishing small things will make you feel productive and less stressed out. Rather than trying to do everything for your summer job in a day, take time and space 

3. Be more honest with people. Honesty is the best policy. If you keep your feelings bottled up, your bestie will never know that borrowing your favorite dress without asking irks you. Be truthful about your opinions and values because those are important. Don’t let someone else’s beliefs sway yours, if you think differently express it. As Madonna says “Express Yourself,” and who would ever argue with the queen of pop?

4. Appreciate your loved ones. You obviously love your mom but don’t take the time to tell her. So take a minute out of your day to call her or like her profile picture. Little things like that will make your family and friends day. Help out a friend with her calculus homework or send an old friend a good morning snap chat to let them know you are thinking about them. Even a friendly smile could make a loved ones day.

5. Try something new! Go out and experience new things. Whether it is a new workout routine, a new TV show, or going to a new club (write for Her Campus Lehigh). Step outside of your comfort zone and do something different with your day besides the same old routine.

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