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10 Things to do at Lehigh Before You Graduate

1. Walk to the Bethlehem star

If you walk through the woods to the Bethlehem star, you will see a remarkable view of Bethlehem.

2. Go to the lookout at night

The view from the Lehigh lookout is a sight to see. I went to high school in Emmaus, which is about a half an hour from Lehigh’s campus. My friends and I would go to the lookout even before I came to Lehigh. Be sure to go to the lookout at night to see the Lehigh Valley from a new perspective.

3. Go to a concert at the Steel Stacks

The Steel Stacks offers outdoor concerts from time to time, and it is an incredible experience. Another way to go to a concert through Lehigh is to go to the concerts offered by Lehigh every semester. I went to one at ArtsQuest my freshman year when Makonnen and ASAP Ferg had a concert for a discounted price exclusively for Lehigh students.

4. Get penne alla vodka at at Sal’s

Sal’s is a very popular destination for Lehigh students. The food is amazing, and Sal is a pretty cool guy. I would recommend ordering the penne alla vodka; they have the best in town.

5. Go to snocos

What’s even better than mocos is mocos on a snow day! A onesie is the move. If snocos aren’t for you, try sledding down the Rauch hill.

6. Sit on the lawn in front of the UC in the Spring

The lawn in front of the UC is a fun place to sit and hang out with friends. It is a very poppin’ place to go in the Spring.

7. Go to the farmer’s market in campus square

Check out the farmer’s market in Campus Square every Thursday for some fresh produce and fun-flavored peanut butter.

8. Participate in Lelaf week

Ways to Celebrate in the Lelaf rivalry:

  • Bed races

  • Make a sign bashing Lafayette

  • 10 day challenge

  • Have the Marching 97 come to your class on Friday

  • Maybe even try to make it to the game!

9. Sneak onto the roof of Linderman

Look for a window entrance to the roof in the back of the building. It will be a great study break!

10. Look for an entrance to the steam tunnels

There are steam tunnels hidden under Lehigh’s campus. Today these entrances are probably locked, but you can find one in the UC, Richards, and Drown. They could be hidden under carpets, and they are usually located by stairwells. They might be locked, but you could get lucky and find an entrance that is still unlocked.


Junior at Lehigh University
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