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10 Signs You’re Ready for Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

1. Waking up for your 8 am is next to impossible! Your alarm is set for 7:15, yet you snooze it about 4 times until it’s 7:45 – 15 minutes to get dressed, do something to the nest on your head, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and walk across campus to class? No problem.

2. Everyone is annoying you – your best friend, your roommate, your boyfriend, and even your favorite little stuffed animal is getting on your nerves. 

3. Taking notes in class is hard…wait, what notes? You can’t seem to find a pen or get yourself to take out your notebook from your backpack. Your brain is your new binder, and this binder has no dividers or hole punched papers – it’s a mess. 

4. Your little messes have turned into disasters – hurricane you has blown through and it’s a category 5 catastrophe.

5. School food is, well school food, and your attempts at cooking cannot come close to your your mom’s. Home food is the best food.

6. Daydreaming has turned to beachdreaming – in class you sit, staring, thinking about sitting on the beach, the sun illuminating your face, with a wonderfully fruity, bright colored, drink in your hand.

7. Every weather is shorts weather. It’s 50 and the sun is missing? Shorts. It’s pouring and there are puddles everywhere? Shorts. The wind has blown all the flowers off the trees? Shorts. It’s snowing (shout out to Bowdoin)? Shorts.

8. Your nails are some sort of pastel or brightly painted. No more of those winter, or transition colors, it’s all about those flashy colors that make you look tanner.

9. You only drive with your windows open – no weather will stop you from reminiscing the days where the air brushes past your face, blowing your hair everywhere, while some pop jam blasts from your radio.

10. You’ve already started studying for finals (are there even people like that out there?). Anything you can do that gets you closer to summer you’re doing. 

Only a few more weeks ladies! It’s crazy to think about how fast this year has gone by, whether you’re a freshman getting through your first year of college, or a senior on your way to the real world or grad school, summer is fast approaching! But don’t try to get there before it comes – try to lengthen the last days you have of the year, and take advantage of the beautiful weather and all that your school has to offer. 

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Jazmine is a senior at Lehigh University majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Science. She can usually be found balancing her time between binge-watching Netflix, figuring out which new plant/succulent to buy, reading any article related to the New England Patriots, or eating avocados & cheese (not always together). She's basically just a Boston girl who sometimes like plants, food, and football more than people. Follow her on Instagram (@pizazof_jaz) or Twitter (@jaazmaniandevil).