10 Pick Up Lines Only Heard At Lehigh


Here are some pick-up lines that are sure to work on anyone at Lehigh. Well, they might not work, but they definitely will get a laugh.

Are you the ΑΘΠ stairs? Cause you take my breath away.

Girl, you are more popular than chicken fingers on a Friday.

Baby, I’ll walk up the entire hill just for you.

I’d steal food from Hawks Nest for you any day.

You are more valuable to me than Jeanie the crepe lady.

Please don’t be as hard to find as a parking spot at Lehigh.

I’d wait for the next bus just to be with you.

Are you an accounting major? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.  

Hey, girl I can get you a ride up the hill.

You should come find me instead of TRACS later.

All images made by Ariana Hewitt