Where to Buy Stylish Face-Masks Online

If we are all going to be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, we might as well get some nice ones! Below are my top six online places to buy some of the most stylish masks out there. Let’s turn them into fun accessories instead of boring necessities.


1. Style Cheat

Starting off with my personal favourite, these gorgeous masks are from Style Cheat. They offer a great range of face coverings with funky prints, bold colours and sequins. Plus they all come with a cute little bag to keep them in! What's more, to keep you all as safe as possible their masks include three layers as well as a space for filters if you wish.

Style Cheat, starting at £9.99 


2. Casetify

Originally a phone case company, Casetify have more recently turned their attention to making masks! I really love these as for every mask you buy, a medical mask is donated to an NHS worker. These gorgeous masks come in four different colours; blue, black, white, and pink. All come with two mask filters and are made up of three layers.

Casetify, starting at £12


3. Baukjen

Baukjen are perfect if you’re looking for a sustainable yet stylish mask. Their face coverings are all biodegradable and made out of fabric off-cuts from family-run factories. Baukjen is also a low milage, mulesing free and low water consumption company.

Baukjen, starting at £10 


4. Maud London on Esty

If you like supporting small businesses and fancy an elegant satin mask, then Maud London is the place to look! They have a brilliant range of beautiful colours to choose from too.

 MaudLondon, starting at £10.49


5. Boden

If you’re finding yourself being rather indecisive about which mask you’d like to get, then why not try Boden? They have a fun offer on at the moment where they'll send you five random masks from their collection. I think they have a really cute range of designs and make face coverings seem like fun accessories. All their masks include three layers which is the best to keep you and others safe!

Boden, £30 for a pack of five masks 


6. Uniqlo

Looking for something a little more subtle? Uniqlo have choice of black, grey, and white masks in multiple sizes. The first and third layer are made out of AIRism Mesh fabric which make the mask both comfortable and breathable. The second layer is used to filter out up to 99% of particles. They are also a great deal with a pack of three masks for under £10!

Uniqlo, £9.90 for a pack of three masks


Words By: Savanna Ruffini Sutich

Edited By: Olivia Snelson