On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!


Throughout the years pink has been understood as a peppy or childish colour but thanks to Mean Girls and their famous “On Wednesdays we wear pink” rule, this colour reinvented itself during the 2000´s and moved from childish to cool. The fact is that pink is consistently on-trend every season and, whether you wear it or not, will always be there in stores, on the runway and in the street. Why? Well, because there is nothing more fashionable than a beautiful item made in any shade of pink. The only exception to this rule is the Juicy Couture tracksuit that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian used to wear. Apart from that particular monstrosity, you can take pink in any form from Sleeping Beauty to the iconic Met dress that Rihanna wore last year (my Queen).


On the cultural side, Millennial Pink is invading books and illustrations and represents the amazing #GirlBoss movement. But what is going on the fashion shows? Which is the pink tone that is going to smash it this season? The answer is: Candy Pink, which I’m sure is music to the ears of all the pastel lovers.


If you don't think you can wear pink, or you don't know what to it wear it with, here is an easy guide to follow my favourite trend of 2018.


The Viral Jumper

Okay if there is one thing I love more than a cosy jumper is a Pink Jumpeeeeerrr!!! This item has been a major Instagram trend thanks to all the street style influencers snapping it up and the best way of wearing it is with PVC. A jumper is a conservative garment, so… why don't we spice it up with some plastic magic? Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Rousteing have already tried. 



Suit Up


The suit has been everywhere during Winter and is going to continue that way during spring and summer but the stores are going to switch the Prince of Wales print for more pastel tones.


Fashion Tip: For those girls that like the idea of wearing trousers but don't like to look too formal, try leaving the full suit and combining them instead with a T-shit and some trainers



Pink in Print


Even though I absolutely adore this pink, I understand that not everyone like the idea of going out like a candyfloss queen. Therefore, I will suggest going for a dress that has the pink integrated in the print. This is a really easy way of getting in touch with your inner Regina George without wearing an outfit that looks like you’ve just walked off the set of Scream Queens! In the following months you are going to see long maxi dresses everywhere, so if you fancy you can start the hunt now, before everyone else.

I like to think that all of us have a colour that makes them feel more comfortable in themselves, for me, that colour is pink because it feels like every day I wear it I have more fun and I feel more inspired. I encourage you to find that colour which makes you feel special, so you can incorporate some new garments into your wardrobe that will take your personal style to the next level.


Have fun getting dress and loads of love! x


Silvia Calvo

All the pictures: @silvis_cs