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The Valentine’s First Date: As Told By The Animal Kingdom

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching

And you’re single

You’ve resigned yourself to a night of ice-cream and Bridget Jones

When the incredible happens, you get asked on a Valentine’s First Date

At first you feel surprise

Then nervous

Then eventually excited

When the day comes, you spend the morning pampering yourself

Then the afternoon applying, then after a nerve-induced disastrous first attempt, re-applying your makeup

When you meet your date at the restaurant, you try your best to look sexy but nonchalant

You make a tough decision of whether to order the salad or the burger, and of course you pick the burger

And try to spend the rest of the date looking cute


And funny

But to do all this, you’ve consumed more than your average intake of wine, and while the nerves are settled, you’re realising that your sense of balance is way off.

So while ordering a taxi and slurring ‘I’ll call you’ isn’t the way you expected to end the evening

It’s still a much better alternative to being overly influenced by Valentine’s Day and breaking your 3 date rule!




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