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Valentine’s and Singles Playlist

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it can only mean one of two things; a lovely day full of love from that special someone, or sheer annoyance of having to put up with this day. It can either be one of the best or the worst days in the year. It can be really lovely to have someone bring you your favourite chocolates and flowers on this day, but every year, this may not be the case. So to those of you who don’t, spend it with your other single friends and have a night in. I did the same thing with a couple of my housemates a few years ago. We decided to watch horror films whilst eating pizza, and honestly, I may had been single on that day, but it was by far one of the best Valentine’s days I ever had. It shouldn’t have to be celebrating that special someone, it should be about celebrating the people you love, whether it is a romantic love or a friendship.

For this week, I have two playlists, one for those who want to celebrate this special day, and for those who just want to completely forget about it. Hopefully, with these playlists, it will help make the day a bit better, whether you’re spending it with someone you care about or not. One is full of modern love songs, the other, full of the opposite that you can put on full blast or loud enough to drown everything else out!

Click here for the Valentine’s playlist

Click here for the Anti-Valentine’s day playlist

Here’s the list for the Valentine’s playlist:

A Thousand Years-Christina Perri

All of Me-John Legend

This Love-Taylor Swift

Make you feel my Love-Adele

Take My Heart-Birdy


Baby Blue Eyes-A Rocket To the Moon

You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

Love Story-Taylor Swift

New Romantics-Taylor Swift

Don’t Go Home Without Me-Lights

Stay the Night-Zedd feat Hayley Williams

Arms Open-The Script

The Man that Can’t Be Moved-The Script

Eavesdrop-The Civil Wars

Unconditionally-Katy Perry


The Only Exception-Paramore



The End of All Things-Panic at the Disco

One Last Time-Ariana Grande

Here for You-Otto feat Alex Aris and Lindsey Stirling

Love’s Just a Feeling-Lindsey Stirling feat Rooty

Here’s the list for the Anti Valentine’s Day playlist:

Titanium-Sia and David Guetta

Walk-Foo Fighters

Keep On Walking-Gabrielle Aplin

Hard Times-Paramore


Rise-Katy Perry


Dig Down-Muse

Supermassive Black Hole-Muse

Ain’t It Fun-Paramore

Tell Me It’s Okay-Paramore

I Did Something Bad-Taylor Swift

We Are Giants-Lindsey Stirling feat Dia Frampton

Just Like Fire-Pink

Can’t Be Tamed-Miley Cyrus

My Songs Know What you did in the Dark-Fall Out Boy

Goodbye Mr A –The Hooisers


The Phoenix-Fall Out Boy

Underdog-You and me at six

Whether you love or hate this day, I hope these playlists will help make Valentine’s day a bit better!

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