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University Life – As Told By Matilda

We’re now mid-way through semester 1, so here’s over to our favourite bookworm to talk us through the lessons we’ve learned so far, and what we can expect from the rest of the year.

We’re at the stage where lecturers are beginning to ask really hard questions like ‘are you enjoying the module so far?’ and ‘did you feel enlightened by this week’s reading material?’ Most of the time you feel like yelling and crying in their office over the ridiculous amount of work they’re giving you, but in reality, your answers are much more constrained…

You’ve now established who your favourite lecturers are, and these are inevitably the ones who somehow have the ability and authority to make absolutely anything seem dirty.

You hate the girl who always looks like she’s walking along a catwalk as she struts to her lectures, especially since you’ve become convinced that trying to look good while trying to make a 9am (with a dreadful hangover) is simply not a reasonable possibility.

You’ve learnt the value of having a friend who won’t expose your drunken antics to the rest of the campus the morning after a night out.

And on these nights out, despite being now 7 weeks in, you still have to try your hardest to avoid the creepy losers trying desperately hard to pull anyone with that fresh-faced-fresher look.

You’ve realised that, with events like varsity (or any which involves something mildly competitive) you are capable of a whole host of (usually elitist) insults that you are ashamed and proud of in equal measure.

Despite trying to keep up an image of independence, you’ve now realised that any culinary triumph of yours will still come a poor second to anything that you ate at home. 

But despite the lack of decent food, occaasional pangs of homesickness and the inevitable arguments with flatmates, the drama, the excitement and the adventures make everything worth while.

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