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Turn Heads in This Season’s Most Fashionable Item

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

As it has been getting colder and darker by the day, we have had to adjust our wardrobes accordingly. Suddenly every outfit and inch of skin is covered in layers of clothing as we prepare to face the harsh winter conditions. With every change of season, I always look for a ‘go-to’ item that I can partner with any outfit and feel confident that it looks good, as well as being fashion-forward. This season, that item is hats, headpieces, and everything in between!

First of all, my favourite piece of headwear for this season is the fedora. A firm favourite with the likes of Kourntey Kardashian, Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the fedora is the perfect winter cover up. I have recently bought a fedora and think the shape of the hat will really compliment any face shape and looks great paired with a winter cape, jeans and boots. There are a few different fedoras on the high street at the moment, suited to a variety of personal styles and bank balances. New Look offers a deep burgundy (very ‘in’ this season) version for just £14.99, while Zara’s take on the classic fedora includes a black and gold chain trim for £19.99. The River Island fedora is priced at £22 and the Topshop one  at £25.

Another piece of headwear that looks set to be a winter must-have is the pork pie/bowler hat. This style is a little quirkier and but can be pulled off by the confident fashionista (think Fearne Cotton). Although the pork pie and bowler styles are slightly different, there are many versions on the high street which are described using both of these terms. Typically the difference is that the brim on the pork pie hat is more rolled, while on the bowler hat it is just curled up slightly. As this type of hat is alternative, there are brightly coloured versions in stores in keeping with the unique look, which are only for the brave. The bright coloured hats could be a great investment as they could easily be recycled for summer. Here are some examples of the hats in colour from New Look (£14.99) and Topshop (£25.  River Island offers a traditional black version customised with gold studs (£22).

My favourite part of winter fashion is FUR, so it’s amazing that there are fur hats and headbands everywhere on the high street at the moment. This is a great way to keep your head and ears toasty during the coldest months whilst looking effortlessly stylish, just like Kate and Pippa. While there are the traditional styles, such as a fur beanie (River Island £20) and a fur headband (New Look £6.99 – bargain!), there are some more ‘adventurous’ designs. Topshop offers a Cossack hat for £22 (think Dr Zhivago) and River Island has a sporty version with the Zebra faux fur cap (£18.00). Whichever style, fur looks great with anything, especially a tailored winter coat for that wrapped up Russian look, or with a cool leather jacket for a modern look. Just be careful not to combine all your fur in one outfit (it’s hard not to resemble road kill), try and keep it to just one item of your outfit.

Finally a gorgeous alternative to a hat is a sparkly unusual hairpiece. Zara have some great jewelled and diamanté hairbands which are perfect for the winter party season. Wear with a classy updo or loose curls – ideal for Christmas day – á la Blair Waldorf. These hairbands will instantly give any outfit a burst of glamour. The Zara hairbands range from £7.99 to £15.99 – easy on the bank balance in time for Christmas! River Island and Topshop also offer some great pieces.

Not only are jewelled hairbands a must-have, but fun and quirky accessories have been seen on many celebrities in the run up to winter. There is a feline trend dominating celebrity fashion at the moment which is due to continue into winter. Whether it’s a hat or hair accessory in animal print, or a cat ears headpiece, this look is very much ‘in’. If you’re kooky enough to wear them in public (on a day that’s not Halloween or a fancy dress party), head to your local costume shop and invest in some velvet cat ears (leopard print or plain black velvet are the most popular). However, if like me, you don’t feel you can pull it off like Cara or Rihanna, then there are some alternatives  available from Topshop, New Look and River Island, ranging anywhere from £3.99 to £14.99.

There is a headpiece to suit everyone no matter what your style. Why not try a new style this season and branch out from your usual beanie hat? You can be fashion-forward with any of these fabulous items?

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By Francesca Selsby