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Trying the New Vegan Autumnal Bubble Tea in Leeds

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Chatime is the world largest bubble tea franchise, based in Taiwan where the drink originated from, and recently they have made a big step forward environmentally and in accessibility for customers by adding vegan options to their product range! Chatime has always been gelatine free and made clear that its fruit teas were vegan friendly, but this is the first time they have introduced plant-based milk into their range, through their collaboration with Alpro.

The Chatime X Alpro range is perfect for the current season with all three drinks being available in hot options (for those chilly November days) or cold options (for the unpredictable English weather). Also, all the milk teas are now available with soy milk, making the entire menu vegan friendly! As someone who has had a bubble tea obsession for half my life, and now focusing on being environmentally conscious and avoiding dairy, I was so excited to try these new drinks.

Black Sesame Latte

This was the first drink I tried out of the Chatime X Alpro range, and I was definitely not disappointed. It is described as having a nutty flavour and health benefits from the black sesame (which is of course an excuse for me to order this again). This drink is made with the Alpro Barista Almond Milk, which perfectly complemented the earthy taste. I couldn’t even tell the difference between this new plant based milk and the original milk options.

I ordered this tea with brown sugar pearls, which I highly recommend for this more savoury drink! It also includes black sesame bits which could be a bit intimidating from in a tea, but I really enjoyed this addition. This is definitely a solid choice from the Chatime X Alpro range, and perfect if you don’t want a massive sugar rush.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

The next drink I tried from the Chatime X Alpro range was their take on a classic autumnal PSL. This drink is made with fresh pumpkin and has a crunchy muesli surprise, which I’d never seen before in a bubble tea!

Chatime says that this is the perfect drink for an autumn morning breakfast as the oats make it more filling. And if you get this drink cold it also comes with a vegan whipped topping!

All this, and the Alpro Barista Gluten-Free Oat Milk, means it is extremely rich and sweet, but I personally like it better than the classic Starbucks PSL, as you don’t get a bitter coffee after taste. This is definitely the sweetest option out of the three, but also a classic for both the autumn and winter seasons.

Beetroot Latte

And finally, I tried the Beetroot Latte. The bright blood red and the earthy smell of beetroot is definitely daunting and perhaps makes this the most unique drink out of the Chatime X Alpro range.

Chatime also notes that the inclusion of beetroot is a good source of nutrients, and I personally think this feel like the ‘healthiest’ of the range. This is partially because it is made with Alpro Barista Coconut Milk which feels like a much lighter option than the Almond or Oat.

If you get this drink cold, you clearly can see the bright red colour through the cup and see why it was used for Chatime’s Halloween advertisements. However, I liked this drink best warm with regular pearls, which was perfect for a cold November morning.

If you’re not scared off by the smell of beetroot in your drinks I highly recommend picking this up, it might be my favourite out of the range!

I am so excited by this step forward from Chatime, as it feels like it has been needed for a while, and the drinks were impressive! Sadly, it is uncertain how long the Chatime X Alpro range will be around, but it seems to be a limited edition for Autumn/Winter 2021.

If you can make it to the Leeds Chatime (next to the Morrisons) then you should certainly try one of the flavours or pick up one of the classics with the new plant-based milk.

Words by: Elser Mitchell

Edited by: Yasmine Moro Virion

I am a Sociology student at the University of Leeds, class of 2022! I love researching and writing about books, social media and society in general.