Top 5 Things To Do In Belfast

I recently went on a trip to Belfast with some friends. Since the flights are fairly cheap from Leeds (only £50,- for a return!), this is the perfect place to go for a quick weekend away. Today, I’m sharing my top 5 things to do in Belfast with you, and hopefully providing you with some tips if you do decide to give Northern Ireland a visit!

  1. Christmas Markets If you go on a city trip at this time of the year, it’s impossible to avoid the local Christmas market. In Belfast, it takes place in front of the City Hall, with lots of cosy lights, delicious-smelling food, and incredibly crappy speakers blaring Christmas music. All you need for a good time!(Photo)
  2. Black Taxi Tour In case you get bored of wandering around town and wish to learn a bit more about the Troubles in Belfast, I would highly recommend this tour. You get driven around in a taxi by someone who either got injured in the Troubles, or who lost a friend or a family member due to the conflicts. It’s a really cool way to learn something about the local history, and we were very shocked and impressed by everything we heard.(Photo)
  3. Build A Burger, 75 Botanic Ave If you’re ever absolutely starving in Belfast town centre, this is the place to go! We arrived there for lunch, thinking we would get a normal serving size, but instead found ourselves sitting down at a table with enough food to feed a small army - or, ya know, a small group of famished 21-year-olds. The food is delicious, and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!(Photo)
  4. Botanic Gardens Take a visit to the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Although this time of year, due to the cold weather, the plants in the wider garden were a bit dead, inside the greenhouse was still a wonderful, tropical landscape. This is a nice place to wander around, enjoying not only the plants, but also the heating system ( it was quite chilly outside).(Photo)
  5. Enjoy The People You’re With I know, I know, you can do this anywhere. However, despite all of the amazing things we saw in Belfast, the best memories I made were when I was just sitting around with my friends, laughing about stupid things, and eating way too many biscuits. Never forget to focus on the people you love, even when visiting amazing places!(Photo)