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Top 3 Halloween YouTube Videos

Top 3 Halloween YouTube Videos


It’s only October and the shops are already starting to bring out their Christmas decorations – outrageous. I am not against people getting excited. However, Halloween comes first!  Before we allow the green elves to run around and the red Father Christmas to visit our house, we must allow the green slimy monsters and the red bloody vampires a visit first.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to celebrate Halloween this year, hopefully my top 3 Halloween YouTube videos will help.


First of all, festival queen Mika Francis’ LOOKBOOK is the perfect video if you’re looking for outfit inspiration.  Her four outfits will ensure that you achieve that sexy look every festival lover misses when summer is gone.  Her grunge and feminine style will make all of you fall in love with her, again.



If you’re on the hunt for makeup inspiration, look no further.  James Charles is one of my absolute favourite YouTube makeup artists so I wasn’t going to forget him in this Top 3. This one is definitely for people who want to go for the Halloween makeup look but still be glam.





And last but definitely not least, if you’re looking for edible inspiration, Zoella’s DIY Halloween Treats video is sure to give you some ideas. This is a video which I absolutely love as I am a student, a desert lover and a very bad cook so the easier the recipe, the better it is. Seeing all the effort put into the Halloween decorations will be sure to inspire you.



Sarah Ashford-Brown

All photos screenshots from relevant instagrams/youtube linked. 

Second-year undergraduate at the University of Leeds, from Paris. Model, stylist and designer for developing brands, and face of the festival wear brand Glitter Romance. Book and articles writing lover and sparkles and music fanatic. 
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