Is The Time of Hero Worship Coming to An End?

Yes, I believe in change.

Yes, I believe in revolutions.

 Yes, I believe in movements.

I just never thought it would be me,

I never imagined I would lead and others would follow.

I just  never thought it would be me,

I think you have mistaken me for someone else.

Are you sure I’m the person you are looking for?

(original poem by writer) 


Although, in many ways this poem is reflective of my inner battle with imposter syndrome, we all have those times where we wonder if we do have it in us to lead and bring about change in the world we live in. Kerry Washington recently tweeted “her rest is earned, it's our turn to fight'' in relation to the passing of feminist icon and champion for gender rights Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In many ways Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was and will always be a hero, no one can take that away from her even if they tried.

 Washington expanded on her tweet via the Ellen Show, stating  “we are losing so many of our heroes this year … I really think there is something about the idea that we are being invited to see  our heroes as human, which means that we all have the capacity to be heroes of our communities and our lives and our stories, the time for hero worship  is maybe coming to an end and it's now time for us to stand and serve, these singular people cant shoulder all the weight”

The lesson here is that anyone can lead, we don’t need large platforms or to be supreme court justices to make a change. True and lasting change starts from within. We lead ourselves first by shaping our lives and our own stories. Then we lead those around us and so on. Now is the time to take our heroes off of those pedestals and be the heroes of our own stories. Hero worship has served its purpose, its time is coming to an end.


Words By: Siza Dube