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There are few things I enjoy more than playing dress-up and getting a little freaky (innuendo intended)! Spooky season is finally upon us, which means the search for the perfect costume must commence.

According to Mean Girls (2004), ‘Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total sl*t and no other girl can say anything about it’. We do love a sexy moment, and it is true that Halloween brings with it an increased freedom of stylistic expression. However, the sexy route is not obligatory. I believe there are loosely three categories of costume: Sexy, scary, and funny.

Take model Heidi Klum for example: from Betty Boop, to werewolf, to Fiona from Shrek, this costume queen reminds us that women truly can do it all. In this listicle, I will reveal my top 10 costume recommendations for 2021, including costumes from each category. So, whether you are a Cady Heron or a Regina George, I have something for you.

  • In no particular order, my first recommendation is Hot Meg Griffin. This Family Guy inspired fit can be classified as both sexy and funny because original Meg is notoriously unattractive. This spicy costume is easy to create. Head on over to Amazon and bag yourself a pink beanie and some circle rimmed glasses. A pink top and denim skirt/shorts should not be too hard to find, if not in your wardrobe, definitely in your friend’s!
  • Next up we have Squid Game! The teal, numbered, gamer tracksuits are now available on Amazon. If you’d rather be one of the faceless guards, I would suggest a red onesie and mask, also found on Amazon. Or, if you’re looking for a truly KILLER outfit, dress up as the creepy Red Light, Green Light doll!
  • On the topic of recent pop culture events, why not take inspiration from the 2021 Met Gala? Although “fashion’s biggest night out” did not impress as much as in previous years, there were still some stand out looks. I would pay good money to see Kim K’s Balenciaga blackout gown tackling the Otley run!
  • Any marvel superhero. Literally. They are all so badass! That girl power scene in Endgame still gives me goosebumps. As a huge fan of Wandavision, the Scarlet Witch is a personal favourite. Red also happens to be my favourite colour.
  • Megan Fox is currently trending due to her unique relationship with Machine Gun Kelly but she has always been an icon. Her titular role in comedy horror film, Jennifer’s Body, is a classic costume choice. Serving early 2000s realness, the cropped velour hoodie and low-rise jeans will go down a treat in ‘Edgy Leeds’. Throw in some fake blood and you’ll be frighteningly sexy!
  • One of my favourite horror movies is Jordan Peele’s Us. Lupita Nyong’o is brilliantly terrifying. The antagonists / the ‘tethered’ would make a great costume. All you would need is a red jumpsuit, fingerless gloves, and a pair of scissors. Just imagining it sends shivers down my spine…
  • Nothing screams Halloween like the Tim Burton movies. So, for number 7, I present Willy Wonka. The imaginative chocolatier is both fabulous and kooky with outstanding costume potential. Blazers are in this season so go find yourself a red one. The retro white sunglasses along with a black top hat are both available on amazon. For extra spice: wear a candy bra underneath the blazer.
  • To celebrate Taylor Swift releasing her version of her music, why not dress up as your favourite Swiftie era. Rock a cute purple dress from ‘Speak Now’ or whip out the leather like in ‘Bad Blood’. You could even get a group of friends together and all choose a different era.

‘Baby, just say YES!’

  • Did you ever watch Orphan? That 2009 horror film about a disturbing little girl? Well, they have only gone and announced its prequel for 2022! Esther Coleman would be a great costume idea for those looking for something both niche and scary. Find a blue dress, loafers and wear your hair in pigtails and you’re onto a winner!
  • Finally, at number 10, we have ‘vaxxed and waxed’ – a phrase with a meaning akin to ‘Hot Girl Summer’. It implies one is ready to grab the post-Covid world by the metaphorical balls. The costume is for my low-maintenance ladies as it is up to the individual’s interpretation. I would suggest dressing up cute and simply using your vaccine passport and some wax strips as props.

So, there you have it. My 2021 Halloween costume recommendations. Hopefully, there is something for all of you lovely ladies. Have the best time but always remember to stay safe!

Words by: Lydia Duval

Edited by: Anna Duffell   

Communication and Media MA student at the University of Leeds xx
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