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Style Blog: Her Campus Style Guide To Online Shopping

Online shopping is bigger than ever with retailers who operate solely on the web growing in size and number. From huge favourites like ASOS and Missguided to lesser known Fashion Union and Nasty Gal, here is the ultimate guide to shopping from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to email offers, student discount and other discount codes featured on the website itself, shopping has never been easier!


Hey big spender

We probably shouldn’t encourage you to spend your student loan on clothes, but when there are so many options, some of which you may not have even heard of, it makes it even harder to resist! Firstly,  ASOS or As Seen on Screen (www.ASOS.com) originally featured more affordable versions of celebrity outfits that had been shown on television shows or in films. The British company now features over 850 brands and is a sure visit while procrastinating online. The website features own brand items and offers a lower budget range of products to designer makes like Whistles and Ted Baker. The range is fantastic for discovering new labels and the free delivery is win-win!


In comparison, Nasty Gal (www.nastygal.co.uk) is less commercial, offering some slightly more daring pieces perfect for your inner “edgy gal Leeds”. It is more expensive than other online retailers mentioned but does provide a better quality garment. Again, the crop tops make the perfect attire for a night out!

For the occasional treat

Pretty Little Thing (www.prettylittlething.co.uk) and Missguided (www.missguided.co.uk) both offer a large range of “night out” outfits.  The price range is slightly lower than that of ASOS and focusses on dresses, skirts and crop tops. The items are perfect for any night of the week and both feature items starting at as little as £8! Pretty Little Thing is lesser known than Missguided but holds some very similar items so is definitely worth a look. Fashion Union also sell a wide variety of products which are dying to be worn on your next big night All three stores are worth a gander when preparing for your next big girls night out.


Savvy student

BooHoo (www.boohoo.com) offers products at the very end of the price spectrum. The pieces, although not of the best quality, cannot be beaten for building up wardrobe staples (for example denim shorts and leggings). Alongside this eBay (www.eBay.co.uk) can be fantastic for finding bargain pieces that need to go to a new home. It is worth looking up last season items from your favourite high street stores (Topshop for example) and grabbing them at half the original retail price. The website also provides a range of statements necklaces at a very reasonable price, as long as you don’t mind the wait as it travels all the way from China! Very.co.uk are also great for wardrobe essentials (we can never own too many jumpers, right?). I would recommend it more for staple every-day wear pieces rather than going out but shouldn’t be over looked during your internet spree!


So there you have it! I hope we have inspired you to explore some previously lesser known websites or revisit an old favourite!

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