Start your Engines- Drag Race is Back

2021 is already 100 times better than 2020, in my opinion. RuPaul’s Drag Race (America) began again on the 2nd of January (the 1st of January in America) and, let me tell you – it has brightened up my year already. 


After having to finish season 12 in the midst of the first lockdown, Drag Race was back and better than ever for a new season. I do have to admit that the finale of season 12 left me wanting more (although Gigi Goode’s lipsync to ‘Take on Me’ was more than I could’ve ever asked for) so, the fact that the new season was filmed in the studios in a COVID-safe way did make it feel a little bit more normal. 


Usually, I spend weeks trawling through the socials of the new queens, seeing who I like the look of and who I think will do well. This year, however, it seemed to be a bit of a sudden start. Nevertheless, I scanned through Instagram and got to know them all a little better.  


After having watched five weeks of the show I feel like I know them all inside and out. Denali is definitely my favourite and I think she’s one to watch after seeing her slay so many lip-syncs already! 


The three-week introduction felt dragged out (pardon the pun) but I’m glad they decided to do it that way as it meant I could really get to know each queen more (with an added bonus of extra episodes!). Last season, I really underestimated Crystal Methyd because we didn’t really get to know her until about halfway through the season so, in that respect, the three-episode introduction was an amazing idea. Thanks to their extra screen time, I’ve put a star next to Utica and Olivia Lux’s names as ones to watch. 


Other than Denali, I am loving Gottmik and the fact that she is the first transgender man to compete. It is nice to see progress is still being made in a programme which, to people who aren’t avid fans, already seems to be very inclusive. In general, I love what Gottmik is bringing to the table and she is definitely one to watch!  


There is a real mixture of queens in the line-up this year and I think that it could be a season that will reignite the fire for a lot of Drag Race fans. When the start of each season comes round, I always worry that viewers will find it boring or people will lose interest – this is basically the first step to a show getting cancelled. However, it's clear that this season definitely won’t be one to lose interest in.  



Words By: Alice Mason

Edited By: Dasha Pitts-Yushchenko