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Read of the Week: Trumpet

Read of the Week: Trumpet by Jackie Kay

Reading often falls to the bottom of my to do list, which is strange considering I study English Literature. What I mean is reading for fun drops to the bottom of my list. When you have to read to prepare for seminars you don’t necessarily want to spend your free time reading too. However, recently I was assigned to read Jackie Kay’s Trumpet for a seminar and I was pleasantly surprised, I really loved it!

Kay’s novel is a kaleidoscopic compilation of voices, meaning the story is told from different points of view. Some characters aren’t developed for more than two pages, but others you really get to know. The arguably, central character of the novel doesn’t actually get a chance to speak himself, so you get to know him through the rest. It’s an incredible novel about love and jazz. I’ll say no more, and I’d urge you not to google anything in case the plot is given away to you.

Pick it up blind with no expectations and you’ll be guaranteed an emotional read!

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