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Profile: Josie Penfold

It’s the final week of the academic year and so we thought the best way to end year would be a quick chat with our editor-in-chief who will do her bit for Her Campus one last time before she goes off into the big wide world free from essays and debt (hopefully) and into employment (again, we can only hope!)

1. Hi Josie, thanks for talking to us AGAIN. What’s been your FAVOURITE thing about being Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus?

Hey, no worries – you know I love a good chat! There’s been lots of things really. I love editing and having the role to over see the whole magazine. It’s something I’m interested in going into in the future so this experience has been the perfect taste tester to what I can expect with this kind of role. Yes it’s been stressful, and yes I’ve had my laptop out uploading and editing articles on deadline day whilst I’m meant to be enjoying a weekend break away in whereever I was at the time, but it’s certainly been very rewarding. But the best thing for me is the people I’ve met. The girls I’ve become close with are now some of the best people I’ve met at University over my four years here – and I’ve only known some of them for just over a year or so, so that to me is really special. I know I’ll stay in touch with them all and I’m so thankful that the magazine has enabled me to meet such amazing people and create such fantastic memories. 

2. What’s been the best thing about University of Leeds for you?

SOCIETIES! I wrote an article about my top five things which is up on the homepage so check it out kids for the low down on what’s hot and not for me in Leeds, but my favourite thing has been the societies at Uni. As I said, I’ve met some of my favourite people through Her Campus and gained invaluable experience in the role I have taken on. I also joined the Powerlifting and Weightlifting Club – a place I could train with like minded people and get the required help and advice I needed to improve my training. And I got to represent University of Leeds in a powerlifting competition!!! Which we won of course! Advice for new comes JOIN EVERY SOCIETY POSSIBLE AND PICK YOUR FAVS for second and final year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

3. Is there anything you won’t miss about Uni life?

Well there’s obviously the essays and deadlines and living in the library which, you know, isn’t the best thing to be doing on a Saturday so I can say that I won’t miss that…I mean I don’t mind essays etc (Geek alert) but I think after my dissertation I’m pretty happy to call the essay days a thing of the past. It is more the reading/research part that I’m most excited to never have to do again. Like it actually drains my soul reading page after page and making note after note to use about three quotes all up in your final piece. Despite studying English Literature, I’d ay the reading part isn’t as high on my agenda as the writing part….controverisal comment sorry book lovers xo 

4. What’s your favourite memory from Uni?

Again there’s been a load. But for the sake of Her Campus readers and the committee I will have to draw upon my most recent Her Campus night out when I was getting glammed up in the preparation for my first ever Canal Mills visit – which I didn’t actually end up going to anyway – heartbreak – (yeah I know, as if I’ve not been yet – but seriously, I’m not C Mills, the following story will certify this comment). In my crop top, shorts and converse I looked the part and was ready to be and represent the C Mills crew. BUT WAIT. One vital thing was missing from my appearance. GLITTER. You ain’t C Mills if you ain’t a glitter gal. So off I went into the kitchen to be Christened with the beautiful glitter to emphasise my glourious cheek bones and dazzle under the disco ball (I doubt C Mills has a disco ball, but we’ll pretend it does for effect). But what happened?! Instead of glitter cheeks, I was presented with Glitter brows. A big NO NO in the C Mills world. I went from hero to zero as I realised the misgivings in my facial art. The (non) professional salon had tried, but it had failed. I was now – as if it was even possible – even more UNCOOL for C Mills. There was only one thing to do – our soon to be President, C Mills regular Laura was called to assit and transform the brows into a C Mills look. She succeeded. However, Glitter brows will soon be the new ICONIC C MILLS look. Watch this space Leeds, I just set a new trend that’s coming fast and furious through the C Mills doors. (Copyright for Glitter brows subject to Laura Roche’s discretion). 

5. Finally, what’s next for you?

Oh who knows! I’m actually excited to just do nothing for a while, all the stressing and party starting has made me exhausted! I’m going to try get a job back at my local M and S and get some dollar before I go off traveling Europe. Then I’ll move to Canada for like six months – cos you know, why not? Travel it and America…see where it takes us…And eventually settle back to my home from home in Sydney, Australia. But that’s all not for a bit, I really do need to just chill for a few months and then I’ll get my travel card out and get seeing the world!

All images Josie’s own. 

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