Profile: Dhru Pithia

This week Her Campus Leeds talks to Henna Society!

Thank you so much for joining us in the Her Campus GIAG! Can you tell us a little more about the art of henna?

So henna (or mehndi as it is traditionally known) is typically found in south asia, the middle east and east africa, with different traditions depending on what region you go to. We use brown henna which is more used in south asia. Its traditional use is for weddings. In Indian and Pakistani weddings for example, the bride gets elaborate mehndi done on both sides of her arms and on her legs. It takes place two days before the wedding and is a ritual in its own right where the brides family also gets their own mehdni done - it serves as a relaxation following the stress of wedding planning (sort of like an asian hen night)

How long have you been practising it?

I have personally been practicising for almost nine years as my mum is a professional artist who trained in India and she passed it on to me and my sister.

What's your favourite thing to draw?

I really like doing mandalas personally but it's really difficult getting them symmetrical 

Are there meanings behind particular designs? Can you name a few?

There probably are some meanings that I dont really know sorry!! But people have been known to get outlines of specific hindu gods or the om symbol as a sign of their faith?

How long has your society been running?

Not sure how long the society has been running but the three of us were part of it last year.

Finally where and when can we find you for more fun with henna?

Finally, we meet every Thursday, usually in the Michael Sadler building but check the page because sometimes we switch rooms! It's 5-6:15 and we provide the henna cones and help if anyone needs it!