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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

“What’s everyone wearing on June 21st then?” Seems to be the question on everyone’s lips at the moment, after Boris Johnson announced the UK’s ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ at the end of February. Okay, maybe not on everyone’s lips… but it has certainly been a topic of debate on Twitter. And in all of my group chats. The only places that matter, right? Unfortunately, and rather unusually, I don’t actually have a straight answer for you.


It’s not that we haven’t all been clothes shopping during lockdown. In fact, pretty much everyone I know has indulged in a little retail therapy during our various (and seemingly never ending) orders to ‘stay at home’. The issue is, we weren’t shopping with a Corona-free society in mind. Now, I am fully equipped for anything the pandemic might throw at me; wardrobes bursting with colourful joggers and hoodies, an abundance of ‘slouchy tops’ and roughly 300 pairs of fluffy socks – not exactly the usual attire for a night on the town.


As the words ‘nightclubs’ and ‘bars’ left the PM’s lips, naturally, I panicked. I began to furiously scroll through the ‘going out’ section on ASOS, with little to no success. Then, to my horror, I realised I couldn’t yet pick an outfit – because I have absolutely no idea what ‘fashion’ is going to look like in a post-COVID era.


In the wake of this alarming realisation, I decided my lack of style was unacceptable and took matters into my own hands. After hours of online shopping and a thorough interviewing process (okay fine, I sent: ‘what are we all wearing on June 21st then?’ to all my friends), I present to you: my predictions on women’s fashion post-lockdown. Here goes nothing.


Personally, I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to crop tops and skinny jeans. I certainly haven’t missed the under-foot ache after wearing heels for approximately four minutes either. And I can’t help but ask myself, do we really have to go back to all this? Could we take Coronavirus as some sort of cultural reset in that we no longer feel the desire to slap layers of fake tan on and top it off with a full face of makeup? Of course, there are some among us that have been doing this all throughout lockdown, and to you I say: why should you stop now? You go girl!


But, for the ladies out there just like me, I’ve gotten used to my baggy-fit mom jeans and my white sheets actually staying white. Do I have to go back to miniskirts and shaving my legs more than once every three months? Well ladies, you heard it here first, you can wear and do whatever the heck you like!


It seems to me that the reality of post-lockdown fashion will be more freedom to wear what you want. It’s been a tough year, who cares if you’re wearing leggings and converse in a nightclub? Who cares if you’re half naked and look like you’ve just got off a flight from St Tropez? Everyone will be more worried about the fact they’ve completely forgotten how to socialise and, most importantly, we will be free! The last thing on anyone’s mind should be the length of their skirt or their eyelashes. Once you’re there, vodka coke in hand and all your mates are around you (at closer than a two-metre distance), frankly I’m not sure you’ll care what you look like. I certainly won’t.


On the other hand, if you’ve been desperately waiting to get that booby, leggy, halterneck minidress on… great, do it. If you’ve been itching to get your tan on… go for it. If you’ve been dreading the idea of getting all dressed up and simply want to wear jeans and a blouse… you do you. Just as the government will no longer control our social lives, senseless insecurities will no longer control what we wear. June 2021 will forever be the month of freedom.


So, wear your joggers and jumpers, jeans and a nice top, skirt and a crop top. Hell, wear a bloody bikini or your PJs for all I care (I would maybe check the weather first though). Because I predict post-lockdown, we’ll be going wherever we like, with whoever we like, wearing whatever we like. 


What’s everyone wearing on June 21st then? Anything we effing want.


Words By: Laura Cameron

Edited By: Amelia Reed 

I'm an undergrad at the University of Leeds, studying for my degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. I'm fuelled mostly by coffee, my love for dogs and my overly keen desire to share my opinions (and I have a fair few). You can usually find me phone-in-hand, scrolling through Instagram or shopping for clothes I really can’t afford.
English Literature graduate, Her Campus Leeds Editor in Chief 2020-2021 :)