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Pastille: A HC favourite for affordable, luxurious beauty

It can hardly be said that students have a reputation for being well groomed. According to most, we simply roll out of bed 10 minutes before our lectures, grab a baggy t-shirt and proclaim ourselves ‘ready.’ This certainly isn’t my grooming regime, nor is it that of many of my friends. Despite our measly student budgets, we all try mightily hard to stay looking glam, and thankfully, we at Her Campus have found the perfect place to help. 
Pastille is a trendy new salon in the heart of the city, which sets and offers the latest trends in nail design at an affordable price. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too, so Julia and I went to check it out.
In the quirky waterside area of Granary Wharf, amongst the trendiest cocktail bars and more exclusive restaurants, we found Pastille. As soon as we went in, it became clear that a visit to this salon was an experience in itself. The lightness of the salon and the cool decor brings a little bit of summer to even the dullest Leeds afternoon, while the salon’s big plush armchairs create a lovely feeling of cosiness. You know the type of place you see on Sex and the City that you wish existed outside of New York? We’ve found it. 
We received a warm welcome and were shown the variety of treatments on offer, from brow treatments to nail repair, before it was finally decided that I’d try out a Pastille Gel Manicure, while Julia would go with the dash-pedicure. The only issue we then faced was trying to pick the colour and design; I’d already been peeking at the Pastille Instagram, so knew we’d be spoilt for choice. 
In the end I opted for a bright pink – just perfect for summer, while Julia went for an equally bright coral. Two boxes had already been ticked; the salon was stunning and both of our nails looked fabulous. Julia’s dash-pedicure took less than 20 minutes, making it a perfect little treat to fit in between lectures, while you’re waiting for your train home or when your dissertation is eating into your beauty-regime time. While my gel manicure took slightly longer, the results were fantastic. My nails lasted 3 weeks (two of which were spent on a beach) without so much as chipping, and when they finally came off, the nail underneath the gel felt healthier than it had done in a while. When I paint my nails I get two unchipped days if I’m lucky, so I was more than happy with the results. Julia’s pedicure also lasted over three weeks, with the colour remaining looking fresh and vibrant. 
So that’s a thumbs up on location and venue, choice and design, and quality and durability of the treatment. So here’s where we tell you each one will cost you the first instalment of your student loan, right? Wrong. In fact, Pastille offers some of the most competitive prices in the whole city. 
My Gel Manicure cost just £24.50, and for three weeks+ worth of gorgeous nails, I certainly got my money’s worth! And with nail art costing from as little as £2 extra, there’s no need to fret about getting a bit fancy. Even better, if you’re nearing the end of your student loan, the dash-mani and dash-pedi’s come in at a bargain £13 each! As if this wasn’t great enough, Pastille are offering a 20% discount During Fresher’s Fortnight for all Students! Or, if you visit on a Tuesday or Wednesday at any time of the year, take your student card along and receive a 10% discount. You really can’t argue with that! As if you’d need any more convincing, come along to the Her Campus Girl’s Night In GIAG to receive a FREE Pastille dash-manicure. We’ll be up in Room 1 of the Student Union on Monday 20th October at 6pm to answer all of your HC related questions, get you pampered and give you a taste of the gorgeous Pastille experience. 
Whether you make it a regular part of your beauty regime, or treat yourself for a special occasion, we at HC highly recommend that you look nowhere other than Pastille for all your beauty needs. 
To book your appointment today, call 01132 460700 or email [email protected]  or pop in to Pastille, Unit 3, Waterman’s Place, Granary Wharf. 
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