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Our Stress Relieving Tips and Playlist!

Stress Busting Playlist

Although the Easter break is right around the corner, exams and stress is right round the corner once this is over, which is why this week, this playlist will be designed round breaking that stress cycle with a stress relieving playlist.

Although we have a large break between now and when school starts again, when the exam period arrives straight after the break, it doesn’t usually make this time a relaxing one. Whether you’re studying for an exam or writing up coursework, it can seem like a stressful time for all of us.

If you’re struggling with ways to revise, here are a few that have helped me:

  • Don’t just read notes-you may have heard this fact but its true, you only learn 10% of what you read. Don’t just learn through reading or writing, use different colours, mind maps, past exam papers etc. By revising using several techniques, you’re more likely to retain more information.
  • Find out about you’re learning style-there are a few common ones; visual (learning through pictures), audio (through listening), kinesthetic (through doing). There are specific learning techniques with each style. If it’s hard studying with the technique you’re currently using, try using a different one based on these learning styles.
  • Revise in short bursts-I personally found it easier to do this. Its like sitting in a lecture for a few hours, you’re more likely to learn more in the first few minutes as you’re brain is the most refreshed. Instead of studying for a few hours straight, study for 20-30 minutes then take a break, you’re more likely to feel more focused with this.
  • Put on music/ background noises that won’t distract you-music with lyrics are known to be more distracting than those without. I made a playlist a while ago to help with studying, if you want to have a listen, click here. Its full of relaxing music to help make studying a bit easier.

When you want to take a step back from revising, this playlist is full of stress relieving songs that can help with this. I made a playlist for this a while ago and found listening to these very helpful. The majority of this playlist contains rock pieces with the occasional pop piece. Whether you want to have a change of pace from revising, take a step back and listen to this playlist, hopefully this should help!

Click here for the playlist

Here is the list below:

Beat It-Fall Out Boy

I Don’t Care-Fall Out Boy

All my life-Foo Fighters

Monkey Wrench-Foo Fighters

Walk-Foo Fighters



Supermassive Black Hole-Muse

Dead Star-Muse


Thought Contagion-Muse

Teenagers-My Chemical Romance

I’m not okay-My Chemical Romance

Miss Jackson-Panic at the Disco feat LOLO

Nicotine-Panic at the Disco

All we know-Paramore




Playing god-Paramore

Brick by boring brick-Paramore

No one knows-Queens of Stone Age

Little monster-Royal Blood

Listening-Tonight Alive



I did something bad-Taylor swift

Bad blood-Taylor swift


Have a good week everyone!

Becky Abel 

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