Next Stop Ibiza

We are going to give you all the great tips for filling the perfect suitcase, The key? Match everything with the hippie-style and good vibes that the island provides.

Packing for a destination like Ibiza can be very tricky, especially for those who have never been before. Since this is a summer destination, there are some essentials that should always be on our list, such as sun cream, bikinis and flip-flops. But today, we are going to give some tips about things that you may not be aware that you need.

This Spanish island is not like any other place on the planet! So here are our recommendations if you want to be on point for paradise: 

What should go in your beach bag:

In case you didn't know, this island has amazing beaches and breathtaking sunsets, but you need to have the right footwear to fit in here - (ugly but useful as no other), the babett sandal.

A pair of sunglasses is also mandatory.

Want to look fabulous all the time? Then don't forget to bring a hair brush and some waterproof mascara. You never know when you are going to meet someone interesting.

A book or magazine for some reading next to the sea might help you relax too!

Finally, if you are like most girls these days, a GoPro (or similar) is the technological best friend for this occasion to capture all your memories. Photos under the water are always good for getting those ‘likes’ on Instagram. 

The night out essentials:

Even though Ibiza is a place for glamour and elegance I would recommend not taking up too mukch space in your suitcase with heles! One pair is more than enough. The clubs of the island are made, (in general), for sneakers! If this is not your style you also have the option of boots, that will rock any hippie outfit.

The next fashion tip is for those going with only “Ryanair” hand luggage, as saving money in terms of your luggage is not a bad idea (Ibiza is an expensive place). If you want to save space, be sure to pack a swimsuit that be casual in the day and dressed up in the night with a pair of cool shorts and that essential glitter make up!

Fashion Tipà You can do the same with a cool bkini top – dress it down in the day, and dress it up in the evening!

The "ibicenca look" is what everyone wants to achieve and it is not that complicated: it consists of a white dress (short or long) with a lot of accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets. You can either buy it there or take your own one from home, but you definitely need one.

A cross body bag is the last but most important thing in this section. It will work for any occasion so girls, please forget about the handbags. If you go out you will want to jump around and enjoy it as much as you can and not have to worry about anything weighing you down – literally!

The hairstyle makes the difference

Flower crowns all around! 70s spirit is the one that goes all over the island, so don’t forget this accessory, especially if you go to the Pacha Flower Power Party!

Dry shampoo can definitely save your life if you have to go out and you don’t have enough time to solve your bad hair day, plus it gives a lot of volume and in general smells amazing.

In this life there are two types of girls: the ones with the baseball cap and the ones with the big, fashionable hats. Choose to be one of them, because the sunlight on the island is from 7am to 10 pm. 

Some beauty supplies

Generally in Spain the makeup rule is less is more, so I recommend you go for that, although some red lipstick never killed anybody!

Skin care is important so beyond the sun cream, a good aftersun is the key for a perfect summer tan.

A pack of Ibuprofen or any other medicine that will sort the hangover is going to be necessary. Carrying a hair curler to curl your hair can be a little bit tedious and is a step that you can skip if you want, but they look so good and they are the go-to for a hippie hairstyle!

Finally, hippie-chic aesthetics combined with glam clothes and accessories are going to be the key style in your suitcase if your next stop is Ibiza. Don’t forget to enjoy the trip as much as you can, and if you have any other tips let us know!

¡Buen Viaje!



All photo credits in article: Marta Lozano Pascual

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