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New Girl: Jess’ 10 Most Adorable Outfits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! If sharing a loft with Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt isn’t entertaining enough, Jess’ gorgeous vintage-style outfits will always catch your eye with preppy brands like Kate Spade making an appearance. That is along with all the other weird and wonderful wardrobe pieces that will leave you wishing your bank account was looking kinder. Zooey Deschanel herself has become a fashion icon in her own right (she shops at joythestore, check it out!) and you can’t help but love her creativity. Here are 10 of her cutest New Girl outfits!

1.Just Jess

Possibly one of Jess’ most memorable pieces, the cutesy mint-dress was designed by Jessica Simpson and has been called the outfit that best reflects Jess’ personality – quirky and fun! It shows up in the episode where Jess has to be a substitute teacher and while she failed to handle the classroom, this dress-and-cardigan attire doesn’t fail to look adorbs.

2.Sexy School teacher

Less is more! A striped jumper, black skirt, tights and dolly shoes – that’s all Jess is wearing and it works wonders. She looks preppy yet stylish, smart yet casual . When season 2 was about to air, the show’s producer said that Jess was going to begin to dress more sexy and sophisticated to show the beginning of her relationship with Nick. Outfits like this make her still appear cutesy and adorable, like in season 1, but also add a little more edge to her look.


The Taylor Swift: a casual stripy blue shirt with a red skirt – what a beauty! This is another piece that is simple yet oh-so gorgeous! Jess’ style here just proves that wearing horizontal stripes does work, and can make you look fab.


This Eva Franco doll-dress appeared in episode 14 of season 2 (“Pepperwood”) and is designed to resemble the dresses that vintage dolls wear. Jess pulls this look off with flying colours. It is a personal favourite and it would be great to see it make another appearance.  It’s a shiny, graceful shade of blue and looks perfect with the heart-shaped bag from H&M. We all need a wardrobe stylist like Zooey’s!

5.Class and Culture

A Greek-style print that looks fun yet elegant, this dress is yet another beauty amongst Jess’ wardrobe. She wears this outfit in the episode where Nick is having trouble with unpaid debts – once again making her look glamorous, adorable and very ‘the girl-next-door’ that we love!

6.In the Ghetto

Jess has had her fair share of dressing up over the seasons, from Halloween costumes to roleplaying to general-dress ups. Dressing up as Elvis and putting on a tribute however, is one of the funniest and most enjoyable scenes in New Girl! She attends Nick’s father’s funeral and pays homage by singing one of the pop singers’ hits “In the Ghetto”. This episode is filled with awkward-humour and this is what makes the episode so funny to watch. Jess’ impersonations are always a pleasure to watch, just look at her Batman impression from last week’s episode when she was trying to fool Schmidt into believing she was Michael Keaton!

7.Sexy Kitten

Another one of Jess’ sexiest outfits – it is lace, it’s dark and it’s fun! Again quite simple look, just a lace jumper and a black skirt, but it definitely works!


Even though this is lacking in colour, it doesn’t matter. It may only be black, white and grey but the style of the outfit makes up for it – a simple skater skirt and shirt combination can look amazing. 

9.Jessica Day

A very typical Jess dress, this prom style white dress is finished with a brown belt and looks perfect. It’s another personal favourite of mine as it makes her look elegant and drop-dead gorgeous!

10.“I am the Batman!”

What a hilarious episode this was! As mentioned earlier, Jess has had her fair share of dressing up and this one was one of the funniest! In an attempt to convince Schmidt she was Michael Keaton, she wore this costume and put on her best Batman voice. This appeared in the latest episode and was so fun that it just had to be at number 10 on Jess’ most adorkable outfits!

There you have it, whether it is cute mint dresses, vintage-style doll looks or OTT-costumes, Jess always looks great! The quick-guide to dressing like Jess would be to keep these little tips in mind:

–          Wear bright, happy colours

–          Cardigans are always a good idea!

–          Make use of adorable flat dolly-shoes

–          Black skirts

–          Own it!

In times of fashion-crises I think we should all think to ourselves: WWJDW? – What Would Jess Day Wear?

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By Kelly Scanlon