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Let me just clarify, podcasts are not for everyone, I never thought I would enjoy them, to be honest. But once I started listening to them, I couldn’t stop. They can be enlightening, relaxing, hilarious and relatable. In this list, I have brought together my top podcasts to listen to and my favourite episodes of each to get you started if you are interested in listening to podcasts.

1) ‘Pretty Big Deal’ with Ashley Graham

I have always been a fan of Ashley Graham; her spirit, confidence and brilliance reflect in her podcast Pretty Big Deal, as she sits down and speaks with her friends about what makes them a ‘Pretty Big Deal’. Nothing is off-limits on this podcast and it is so enlightening as well as confidence-boosting. It was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and has had me hooked since the beginning.

Favourite Episode – S3 E4 – Kelly Rowland

2) ‘IWEIGH’ with Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil tackles societal norms by conversing with thought-leaders, performers, activists, influencers and friends. The conversations centre around their experiences and stories about their mental health. This podcast illustrates the vulnerability that everyone experiences with their mental health and body image and it helped me with my own confidence. It’s a podcast that celebrates progress, not perfection, and is well worth a listen.

Favourite Episode – S1 E4 – Demi Lavato

3) ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’

Don’t let the title put you off because this podcast is well worth a listen; it makes me howl with laughter as well as relaxes me. Narrated by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine, the podcast centres around the questionably erotic fiction written by Jamie Morton’s father. It’s fabulous and hilarious as the trio read out the erotic fiction that Jamie’s father, or as he has named himself ‘Rocky Flintstone’, has written. I listen to this podcast constantly when I’m in need of cheering up and it is one of my favourite things to listen to.

Favourite Episode – S1 E1 – The Job Interview

4) ‘Red Table Talk’

Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield- Norris, what more could you want? Three generations of powerful women speaking to celebrities about their lifestyles as well as provocative topics such as race, sexuality, infidelity and addiction.  The conversations are groundbreaking, healing and offer varying opinions on the topics of today. This podcast is not only enlightening but also grounding.

Favourite Episode – S4 – Paris Jackson x Willow Smith One-on-One

5) ‘Toni and Ryan’

This podcast is brand new for me. I only started listening to it in the past month, but I love it so far. The friendship between Toni and Ryan is hilarious and real, creating a funny and relaxing environment where they take on the good, the bad and the awkward as well as sharing funny stories and anecdotes. Another must listen.

Favourite Episode – S1 E1 – T-pain and Tinder Bios

6) ‘Honeydew Me’

Another podcast that I have only just started listening to in the past month Honeydew Me goes into the bedroom and beyond. As hosts Emma Norman and Cass Anderson talk about sex, body positivity and feeling good. They speak to experts such as dietitians, physicians, psychologists and sex experts. Although Emma and Cass are not professionals, their conversations with professionals illuminate subjects typically taboo or not spoken about amongst women.

Favourite Episode – S1 E1 – It’s Real, It’s Raw, It’s Your Hosts

I hope these recommendations spark your interest in podcasts and that you find what kind you will enjoy listening to. Although most of these are centred around an adult audience as they contain adult humour, strong language and mature themes, there are plenty of other brilliant podcasts out there for you to listen to with a variety of content. Give it a go.

Words by: Isabelle Adams

Edited by: Ava Heeney

First year Film, Media and Photography student.
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