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My Love for Live Music:The best gigs

I’m from Manchester, where there are gig venues all over the city. As a lover of music, this is perfect! However, there are three musical experiences that stand out in my memory as the best gigs that I have ever been to. So, here’s my rundown of the gigs that made me love live music. Hopefully you will be inspired to love it too!


WHEN: Saturday 10th October 2015

WHERE: The Ritz, Manchester

The first artist, Rae Morris, is from Blackpool and has just had her first album ‘Unguarded’ released. After seeing her support George Ezra on his 2014 tour I immediately loved her performances, as I could relate so perfectly to her lyrics. That’s why I was so excited when she released her album, as I knew a tour was imminent. I got tickets straight away and couldn’t contain my excitement.

The Ritz is such a cool venue (possibly one of my favourites). Thankfully, it wasn’t at the completely full Fruity Friday level where you can barely move, so there was plenty of room to dance. The audience’s reaction was brilliant, and she seemed genuinely surprised by the response!

If you are into a mix of upbeat pop and slow, powerful songs, Rae Morris is definitely one to listen to!


WHEN: Thursday 21st January 2016

WHERE: The Albert Hall, Manchester

Daughter are one of my favourite bands, so when I got tickets for their tour in 2016 I was beyond excited! The last time I saw them was in 2013, so it had been a while! The Albert Hall in Manchester was also the perfect venue for Daughter, due to its size and atmosphere.

I decided to sit upstairs because firstly, I knew that the music wouldn’t be upbeat enough for me to stand without feeling awkward. Luckily, I had the perfect view from where I was sat, so when the three of them came onto the stage I was ready for the night to begin.

There is something about the way the three of them play together and Elena’s singing that gives me chills every time I hear them. Elena’s voice is so unique and soothing – her voice alone makes Daughter stand out from other bands that play this genre of music. I absolutely adore them.




WHEN: 29th September 2014

WHERE: Manchester Academy 3

So, it’s been a while since I saw Lewis Watson live. However, his is still one of my favourite gigs. The intimate, small venue meant you could really see him properly perform on stage. As an acoustic vocalist, he made the gig extra special by inviting special guests to join him on stage, including artists he had collaborated with on his EP ‘Some Songs with Some Friends’.

Besides the girl standing behind me who was singing very loudly, clearly thinking she was a professional singer, I enjoyed the chilled atmosphere. That was until Lewis himself came into the middle of the floor with screaming girls surrounding him whilst he performed ‘Made-up Love Song’. The gesture was lovely, but being a 5”4 girl I couldn’t see a thing! Although, it turns out I was standing right next to Lewis’s dad who jokingly said to me ‘Who does this guy think he is?’.

Lewis Watson has a single out now called ‘Maybe We’re Home’ so go check it out! Oh, and did I mention he’s easy on the eye too?!


Emily Potts


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