Must Do's In Dublin!

During the April holidays, I thought of having a mini weekend vacay and ended up in Dublin. While I watched all my classmates off in beachy countries, I contemplated my choice a little, but I definitely made the most out of my break. So here’s a list of what to do and where to go:

1. Chill Out In A Literal Hole In the Wall at Dublin Airport

Airports aren’t the  coolest or comfiest places but this airport had cute little circle sofas in the wall near my terminals which I am sure were placed through different areas. It wasn’t that busy in the evening when I was departing so I grabbed my laptop, made my myself comfortable, and netflixed for the next 2 hours.

2. Check Out Love Lane at Crampton Court!

A cheesy place I accidentally stumbled by as I was busy looking at google maps was Love Lane. There were colourful tiles lining the wall with different quotes about love - both positive and negative. The colour scheme was pastel and caught my eye so I had to snap a few pics.

Turns out Crampton Court is a small place including various street art which is easy to pass by but worth checking out! You're transported from the busy streets to this artistic lovely lane just by walking through a little alley.

3. Visit Irish Primark - a.k.a Penney’s

Fun fact - Primark was founded in Dublin and was originally named Penney’s which later changed to Primark, but here they kept the original name.

As I walked down the high street and saw the massive shop with a similar logo, my brain kept nagging me that there was something similar about the store and this was it.

4. Guinness Storehouse

Guinness is one of the most popular things that was founded in Ireland and the Irish sure are proud of it! This factory is absolutely massive with 7 floors. It took me nearly 3 hours to see all it had to offer. Each floor tells you about a different process whether it’s the ingredients, making process, the equipment used, advertising, and there was also a tasting room where you get a small taster pint and are taught the proper way of drinking guinness. The last stop is the rooftop bar with a city view where you can grab a drink and relax.

The ticket includes entrance and a free pint or soft drink at the gravity bar which overlooks the city with a beautiful sky view. Be careful when booking as student and adult tickets may be the same price at certain times but a student ticket does not include a drink. The bar can also get very busy at times so just a heads up.. but it is a bargain to get the view for the price paid.

Visit the Guinness Storehouse Website Here

5. IMMA Museum - Irish Modern Museum of Art?

This was definitely worth checking out as they had some cool exhibitions on with some weird pieces which caught my eye - some of them I just stared at in awe. The museum is massive with a nice court outside to chill at or have a cup of tea, and a garden for a nice stroll.


6. Hop on, Hop off Buses

Now I am not usually a fan of doing the basic tourist stuff such as getting on tourist sightseeing buses but wow, this was better than I had expected. I had a few hours to kill but not enough to check out the city on foot so I thought that the bus would be a good option (especially since it was raining). I could see that the top of the bus was partly covered to shelter me from the rain, and it came free with the 72 hour bus pass which covers all buses, airport express, and tourist sightseeing buses for €35. I got to tour the whole city in 2 hours  with a spoken tour so I picked up some fun facts without having to even walk a step!  I was comfy the whole journey too and couldn’t have been happier. I would recommend getting the bus pass for 3 days as the package deal is a great offer to save on travel expenses.