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Music Blog – Leeds Live Lounge Preview pt. 1

Support Young Talent presents a handful of Leeds’ best young performers in the not so distant future. The up and coming bands will play at the Library Pub on the 13th February (details below), a demonstration of just how inspiring our generation can be; whether playing for fun or to make a career out of a genuine love of music.

The Undercovers

Perfectly matched duo, ‘The Undercovers’, consists of Kimberly (vocals) and Oliver (guitar). The two have an authentic, youthful style; producing silky sounding covers from many genres. There is an almost nineties, nostalgic feel to their music. Their cover of ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon Five creates an easy listening vibe reminiscent of Norah Jones in her first album glory. Kimberly has a powerful voice, which sounds young and fresh and produces an original edge to their versions. The couple create a more vibrant sound than a lot of male/female duos. In an interview with Leeds Live Lounge Kimberly describes their style as ‘jazzy, bluesy [with a] little bit of r’n’b in there’. The cover of ‘Promises’ (originally by Nero) strips back its dance origins into a gentle marriage of commanding vocals and seriously brilliant guitar skills. The two artists met at Leeds University BandSoc, from which they take inspiration.

Stray Arrows

‘I just… sing’ says front-woman Zoe Campbell in the bands’ interview with Leeds Live Lounge. The vocalist fits in with the current influx of extreme female talents:  Corinne Bailey Rae and Lianne Le Havas to name two. Campbell holds complete control over her vocals, teasing the notes of Britney Spears’ Toxic, before dropping the sound in a rich solo harmony. The three components to the band, made whole by musicians Caris and Tim, work in happy alliance. Their sound is hard to capture, there are moments of soul which transform into a sense of jazz in moments. The trio aren’t flashy; they have a simplistic, pure form of talent. You don’t have to listen long to be captivated.

Information on the event can be found here, with links to the artists’ websites: https://www.facebook.com/events/539792766048139/

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